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Hi all,

I have an email alert workflow that sends out a email notification when a team member is added. In the body of the email is the link to the opportunity {!Opportunity.Link}.

The email alert has the correct opportunity link for one person and sends an incorrect link for other person. I can change the profile of the person who is receiving the incorrect link and it fixes the issue. So, I'm assuming this is a permission set issue.

Can anyone point me to the permission set/variable that would cause this to happen?

Also, is there a way to debug a workflow?

Hi All,

I have a Process Builder and a Validation Rule on the Opportunity Object.

The Validation Rule is meant to stop the users from modifying an Opportunity once Closed Won, apart from Admins.
(ISPICKVAL(PRIORVALUE(StageName),"Closed Won"), CASE($Profile.Name, 

And the Process Builder is checking if "[Opportunity].IsClosed = TRUE, and updates the Close Date = TODAY().

Error message:
> The flow tried to update these records: null. This error occurred:

Both the Process Builder and the Validation Rule work fine, but activated separately.

Is there a way to stop the users from modifying the Closed Won Opportunity, but allow the process to change the Close Date for the users?