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Can we store files and attachments in external storage from SFDC. We are storing our file on NAS(net wotk storge). SInce size of files is very big , so we store file on NAS and keep the storage link in sfdc.Please let me know how can we achieve this.

How can take entire metadata backup of my production org apart from using Force.com IDE or Third party priced tools.
Solutions and suggestion are welcome, thanks in advance.
Hi all,

I have created 2 flows in a development org. I would like to move them to a sandbox org. How do I do this?

At my company, we bought a 2nd Org. So now we have 2 seperate Orgs.


What options do we have if we want to copy all data, classes, triggers, custom objs, custom fields, etc from our old Org's Sandbox to our new Org's Sandbox? 


I saw that in Eclipse you can deploy to the server, however it doesn't seem that this will move custom objs. Does anyone have experience with this?



Thank you,


How to create the clone of Custom Object.
I have a requirement which needs the exact replica of the Custom Object for some other business. How can I clone the object itself.