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Cannot access salesforce from ios mobile phone, whether through an app or URL but able to access it from laptop, with same credential that are used to login from  mobile.(there is no restricted login hours &  API enabled flag is checked )
Currently setting up a mobile app using React Native (Expo), and I would like to validate the user using the pin (not password), using PIN Protect. Is there documentation available to authenticate the user using their PIN with Rest API.
We are embedding our react native mobile app as an iFrame into Salesforce: to allow our app to be an iFrame inside of Salesforce versus a standalone io/sandroid app.

However when trying to call Watson Speech to text api (a service we use in our app) that call fails when it’s from the iFrame in Salesforce mobile.

When you do it from an iFrame in Salesforce (in your browser, not salesforce  mobile) it works perfectly fine.

Is their some security or permission measure preventing an iFrame in salesforce mobile from calling a 3rd party API?
I have created a lightning component on Opportunity record page that is visible on desktop but not on Mobile app.
i can preview the component fine in Lightning App builder for phone form factor. But it is not visible on the device. 
What am i missing here?
Hey everybody,
I am looking for a document scanner that converts to PDF and can scan multiple images at once, I currently use CamScanner Premium but it cannot scan multiple images at once, if you know any Any good apps please suggest me, thanks
Hello, I am having a problem with the always on edge premium apk app. After the download of this app is completed, I get an error message when installing it "app not installed".
Is there a way to fix this problem?
If I develop a Lightning Web Component (LWC) and want this component to behave or to display different styles based on the container where this component is shown. (Web based Community vs Mobile publisher community) Is there a way to know that my community is viewed on a browser or on the Mobile Publisher container ? I was wondering if there’s a global attribute that I can get to know the context of even a class added in the HTML body ?

I'm using a visualforce button in custom object layout page to create related list record of another custom object. when I use the sforce.one.createrecord the SF1 navigate to the create record page but I cannot auto populate the fields just like in standard salesforce when I passed parameters in url.
the creation page looks like this:
User-added image 
The lookup fields in yellow should present a read only value that is taken from a parameter passed from.
Any solution for this or a workaround?