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Hello Communty

I am trying to complete this challenge:

To pass this challenge, create a custom button which opens a link to 'http://google.com?q=<CONTACT NAME>' - where <CONTACT NAME> is the current contact's name. Then add this button to the default 'Contact Layout'.
The custom button must be labeled 'Google Info' with the name 'Google_Info'.
The custom button must dynamically insert the contact's name using the appropriate merge field.
The custom button must be added to the 'Contact Layout' page layout.

But keep getting this error: 

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Google Info' custom button was not found. Hint: Make sure that it is a Detail Page Button (not link) and that its added to the page layout.

Please view the seenshot.

What am i doing wrong? Thanks for your help! User-added image