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I am building an Intelligent Assistance with Live Agent Chat. It automatically suggest possible answers to agent and Agent can just select any one (when agent select any response, it is sent to chat box) to send response to customer. There is a case of decision tree when Intelligent Assistance need to ask question in form of Yes or No from customer. I want to do this by rendering button or link for Yes / No to customer and when customer clicks on that a JavaScript function should be called to call a Web Service endpoint.

In Summary what i need (at agent chat box end) is to be able to send a HTML + CSS + JS formated text from Agent side of chat to Customer and Customer should be able to click on Yes / No link or button.

When i try pushing a HTML, CSS, JS formatted text automatically in chat at agent side, it is rendered to Agent as well as Customer chat window as text and not properly formatted. Any idea how to customize / custom code Live Agent chat to achieve this?

Please help!!