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Hi Team,
is there any way to trigger the salesforce licenses report to manager?
Report  should contacin below;

Total Licenses
Used Licenses
Available Licenses

Thank you!
I encountered error while setting my dataset JSON XMD with date fields for fiscal year.
Below is JSON XMD i add in:
        "alias" : "accounting_date",
        "label" : "Accounting date", 
        "firstDayOfWeek" : 0,
        "fiscalMonthOffset": 3,
        "fields" : {
          "day" : "accounting_date_Day",
          "epochDay" : "accounting_date_day_epoch",
          "epochSecond" : "accounting_date_sec_epoch",
          "fullField" : "accounting_date",
          "hour" : "accounting_date_Hour",
          "minute" : "accounting_date_Minute",
          "month" : "accounting_date_Month",
          "quarter" : "accounting_date_Quarter",
          "second" : "accounting_date_Second",
          "week" : "accounting_date_Week",
          "year" : "accounting_date_Year",
          "fiscal​Week" : "accounting_date_Week_Fiscal",
          "fiscal​Month" : "accounting_date_Month_Fiscal",
          "fiscal​Quarter" : "accounting_date_Quarter_Fiscal",
          "fiscal​Year" : "accounting_date_Year_Fiscal"

When i tried to replace the JSON file into my dataset, it keep give me error below:
Unrecognized field "fiscal​Week"

It works well if remove all define fiscal year fields. But i need to set fiscal year to my dataset for visualization better.
Anyone can advise?
Greetings community,

I stuck in question about "emailchangesuccess.jsp ". You may see it on the picture below. .force.com/yoursitename/setup/user/emailchangesuccess.jsp
When experience user changes his email address, he receives one email on to his old email box and another one on to his new email box where he has a button with email change confirmation (Click the following link to complete the change to your email address. This link will expire in 72 hours:). After clicking on to that link, new tab in browser will be opened where you may see "emailchangesuccess.jsp" as on the screenshot above.
I need to change text there, but I can not find where I can do it or is it possible in general.

Thank you in advance,
Yours sincerely,
I added an external domain to Salesforce. The process went without any problem and I also managed to add a few paths to the domain which pointed to Force sites, in the same day. After a few days, I wanted to add more paths but I kept getting the following error: Error: The selected site is not supported by the selected domain. I have tried many things such as changing the API version, creating a page with only a single HTML element, doing various combinations but none of them worked. I also googled my problem and found two links which did not help me fix my problem. Below are those two links:

So please do not refer me to those links, I've already tried the solutions which were shown in the links. My site does not have a login system.

I am getting quite frustrated from this error because I do not know where it came from. Please help me if you can, thank you!
Melissa Lewis (ez) asked a question.
I figured out that I can't use the HTML editor because it does not support javascript. From what I've read I need to create an aura so that I can embed the code there and then drag onto my page. I got to where I enter the code and I'm getting an error. Here is the code I'm using:
<aura:component><!-- Calendly inline widget begin -->
<div class="calendly-inline-widget" data-url="https://calendly.com/ezanchorpuller-melissa-lewis/interview" style="min-width:320px;height:630px;"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://assets.calendly.com/assets/external/widget.js"></script>
<!-- Calendly inline widget end --></aura:component>

and here is the error:

Failed to save Calendlys.cmp: script tags only allowed in templates: Source

any help?
I have a site that I want to use to upload files to users accounts.

I already have the site up and running and it can push data into salesforce and create records.

I am now trying to use an <apex:inputFile> in the page so users can upload files to the account.

When I add this and then call my upload method I get an unauthorized message. I have checked permissions and cannot find anything relating to attachments. I have ticked the "Allow site guest users to upload files" box.

Code is as follows:

Page (I have removed other fields, images etc but nothing that affects this issue)
<apex:page sidebar="false" showHeader="false" applyBodyTag="false" applyHtmlTag="false" standardStyleSheets="false" controller="CustomPortalController">
      <td>Please attach PO here: </td>
      <td><apex:inputfile value="{!poBlob}" filename="PO.pdf"/></td>
      <td><apex:commandbutton action="{!insertAttachment}" value="Confirm Booking" oncomplete="trainingConf();"></apex:commandbutton>

Controller (Other things happen in this controller that I have removed but don't affect this issue)
public class CustomPortalController {

    public Attachment attach {get;set;}
    public transient Blob poBlob {get; set;}

public PageReference insertAttachment(){
    String oppId = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id'); 
    attach.parentId = oppId;
    attach.name = 'POName.pdf';
    attach.body = poBlob;
    insert attach;
    return null;


Hello Team, 
I want to create a site where first screen will be login. Once user login, he can see some stuff . This stuff can be user specific who logs in to the website. Once user login, there will be some text boxes and filter criteria. User can type something and select any filter criteria and click on the "Search" button and results will be shown there.  This is the basic logic.
I have below questions:
1. Can I create a site to achieve similar requirement in Salesforce?
2. Which Salesforce license should I buy for this?
Could anyone please help me?
Hello all,

We are currently preparing our platform for the MFA obligation around Feb 22 and also offer single sign-on via AZURE Microsoft Credentials here.
However, we have the problem that when logging in with single sign-on via the mobile apps (Android and iOS), an error is issued (see screenshot error).

When logging in with the Sales Force app, Azure unfortunately continues to give this app the wrong status.
It is not recognized that the app is running on a managed device.
If this is done without SingleSignOn, then the state is passed correctly and login is not a problem

Error - Single Sign On Mobile App
User-added imageUser-added imageWith the Field Service App a similar problem but again a bit more weird, here a different hardware platform is passed and not a Mobile Device, and therefore here a MFA authentication is requested and not a "Compliant Device".

User-added imageDo you have any idea what could be the reason for this ? When we login to the app with username and password it works fine.
Hi All,

We are facing an issue generate a invoice pdf in community. Calling VF page(Invoice pdf) in lightning component button, in Internal Salesforce it is working fine but when calling same community it blank field values. Permission given in shared setting for Opportunity Object because Quote controlling by parent, create a controller without sharing, given in public site settings and also in profile we added the vf page and controller class.
Hi Folks,
Trust you doing great ...!

How to create a chatter post default template so that user can update and post that template?

Any idea how to create a chatter post template? The website information am seeing only lets me put fields 
in which is more like approval process type stuff

What i need is the user can edit this chatter post default template below
User-added image

Your help is highly appreciated



Hi, we create knowledge articles through a SF integration with a 3rd party content management system (MadCap Flare), which we use to write documentation. Then the knowledge articles get pushed to Communities/Sites and that is how the end-users consume the content.

All is good except that the content of the articles appears on the Communities/Site in what appears to be a Lightning Web Components (see attachment), which doesn't allow for too much customisation.

Any image embedded in the article body content (inside the 'Article Content' component) sometimes appear too small and don't expand  in a modal/popup if clicked on. We need some kind of a JavaScript library, I assume, to tweak the interaction with images. The Communities/Site only allows for CSS customisation but provides no direct access to the underlying HTML and JS.

Adding custom lightning web components, or installing existing 3rd party components would not solve the problem as they would be independent from the main Knowledge 'Article Content' component, which holds all the content. It feels that the best way would be to somehow edit the existing component, if at all possible.

I have been playing with VSCode and the dev environment, retrieving existing metadata from the org using Manifest, but I can't figure out what needs editing to achieve what I want. The 'Article Content' component doesn't show up under the 'lwc' folder, nor does it show under the 'pages' or 'components' folders in the project (in the dev environment). Where can I access the code that is responsible for the body content of each Knowledge article, so I can add JavaScript-driven interactivity to its elements.

User-added image


User-added image

Hi All,

I have created 2 web-to-lead forms with 2 different site keys for hosting in different domains. The form(with reCaptcha)  hosted in domain 1 is generating the lead in salesforce after submitting the form. 

But, the form hosted in domain 2 is not generating any lead in salesforce even after properly validating all data. If I remove the reCaptcha part from the form and submit, its generating a lead in salesforce. But, with reCaptcha functionality included in the form, its not generating any lead in salesforce. I am not getting any error while submitting the form and I also enabled debug and it seems ok with all the correct inputs that I gave. 

Please Help!!!


Within a visual flow, I'm wondering if I can populate a collection variable using semi-colon separated values (;) in a single input text box. For the use case, I'd like to append an ad-hoc Taskray Checklist to a Taskray Task using only the flow interface, but as the items are ad-hoc, I can't use a template for it.

For example, if I input this in ONE long text field:

Can I pass it into a collection variable using a loop so it is [Apples, Bananas, Carrots]?

I have simulated this by using LEFT({!Checklist}, FIND(";", {!Checklist}) - 1) to get the first row and adding it to the collection variable, trimming it from {!Checklist} and doing it again for the second row, etc. This creates the collection var as long as I stick to the number of assignments I've used.

But the problem is I can't figure out how to build it into a loop to handle variable number of items. Is there any way to do this using only flow tools?

Thanks in advance :)

We have a VisualForce page/form (embedded flow) that is designed to create a scholarship application for our convention. When running the flow internally, there is no error and the scholarship application is created. When running through the form externally (https://convention.acslaw.org/Student_Convention_Scholarship), the following error occurs and no record (scholarship application) is created.

An unhandled fault has occurred in this flow
An unhandled fault has occurred while processing the flow. Please contact your system administrator for more information.

The Flow Appliation error email is sent and provides the following for several attempts to fill out the form:

An error occurred at element Create_Student_Convention_Scholarship_Application (FlowRecordCreate).
INSERT --- INSERT FAILED --- ERRORS : (INVALID_CROSS_REFERENCE_KEY) Record Type ID: this ID value isn't valid for the user: 012G0000001QKQHIA4

In the Create Student Convention Scholarship Application flow, the Record Create element includes RecordTypeID = 012G0000001QKQH. This is the Student Convention Scholarship record type in the custom object Application (Application__c).

Here is information received from a flow alert email (I have the full report available):

An error occurred at element Create_Student_Convention_Scholarship_Application (FlowRecordCreate).
INSERT --- INSERT FAILED --- ERRORS : (INVALID_CROSS_REFERENCE_KEY) Record Type ID: this ID value isn't valid for the user: 012G0000001QKQHIA4

RECORD CREATE: Create_Student_Convention_Scholarship_Application
Create one Application__c record where:
Alternate_Email__c = {!Alternate_Email} (shannonportia@gmail.com)
Application_Type__c = Student Convention Scholarship
Cell_Phone_Number__c = {!varCellPhone} (2149493703)
Contact__c = {!varContactID} (003G000002YwQbu)
RecordTypeId = 012G0000001QKQH
SCS_ACS_Career_Goals__c = {!ACSCareerGoals} (Being in ACS leadership has helped me meet progressive lawyers in the ACS network, which I think is indispensable help in today's job search.)
SCS_ACS_Chapter_at_School__c = {!ACSChapteratSchool} (Yes)
SCS_ACS_Value_Most__c = {!What_do_you_value_most_about_ACS} (My law school is relatively conservative. Progressive viewpoints are not welcomed by the student body. The best part of our ACS chapter is simply giving progressive students (however few of us) a platform in a somewhat unfriendly environment.)
SCS_Attend_Previous_Student_Convention__c = null
SCS_Chapter_Activity__c = {!ChapterActivity} (Yes, I am president of the Alabama chapter. I plan all of our events and delegate some responsibilities to the other chapter leaders. I am speakers' point of contact at Alabama.)
SCS_Convention_Arrival_Date__c = {!ConventionArrivalNew} (March 30, 2017)
SCS_Convention_Arrival_Time__c = {!Convention_Arrival_Time_New} (4:30 PM)
SCS_Convention_Departure_Date__c = {!Convention_Departure_Date_New} (April 2, 2017)
SCS_Convention_Departure_Time__c = {!Convention_Departure_Time_New} (6:25 AM)
SCS_Departure_City__c = {!DepartureCityNew} (BHM)
SCS_First_Choice_Package__c = {!FirstChoicePackage} (Scholarship Package B: Travel Costs)
SCS_Gender__c = {!varGender} (Female)
SCS_Hosted_Locally__c = {!HostedLocally} (Yes)
SCS_If_Awarded__c = {!IfAwarded} (Yes)
SCS_Lodging_Dates__c = null
SCS_Lodging_Friends_Family__c = {!FriendsandFamily} (Yes)
SCS_Lodging__c = {!Lodging} (No)
SCS_NGL__c = {!ACSNGL} (I plan to apply to become an NGL)
SCS_Pet_Allergies__c = {!PetAllergy} (None)
SCS_School_Assistance_Type__c = {!SchoolAssistanceType} (N/A)
SCS_School_Assistance__c = {!SchoolAssistance} (Yes)
SCS_Smoke_Bother__c = {!Does_smoking_bother_you} (Yes)
SCS_Smoker__c = {!Smoker} (No)
SCS_Special_Circumstances__c = {!SpecialCircumstances} (None)
SCS_Travel_Scholarship_Type__c = {!TravelScholarshipTypeNew} (Airfare; Driving-mileage reimbursement)
SCS_Traveling_Costs__c = {!TravelingCostsNew} ($400)
School__c = {!varSCID} (a0WG000000DPHTVMA5)
Failed to create record.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am getting the following error in my vf page , its an inline vf page which captures the old status value and the new changed status value  from team form__c object

i have enabled the field history trakcing for that field where i am quering from team form history object

let me know what i am doing wrong here


<apex:page standardController="Team_Form__c"  extensions="CycleTimeSubstatusCalulation" tabStyle="Team_Form__c" sidebar="false" showHeader="false">

<apex:form >

<apex:pageblock title="EMEA SaSu Cycle-Time"  >

<apex:pageblockSection collapsible="true" showHeader="false"  columns="3"   >

<apex:outputText style="font-weight:700" value="Initial sub-status :{!gpsTeamForm.OldValue}"/>
<apex:outputText style="font-weight:700" value="New Sub-status :"/>
<apex:outputText style="font-weight:700" value="CycleTime :"/>



My controller :

public class CycleTimeSubstatusCalulation{

public  Team_Form__History  gpsTeamForm {get;set;}
//public  Team_Form__c  gpsTeamForms;

public CycleTimeSubstatusCalulation(ApexPages.StandardController controller) {
//gpsTeamForms= (Team_Form__c)controller.getRecord();
gpsTeamForm =[SELECT Id ,CreatedDate,Field,NewValue,OldValue,ParentId FROM Team_Form__History WHERE Id = :ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id') and   Field = 'SubStatus__c'];



Kindly help me pls , i am struck

Thanks in Advance
I'm just wondering if its possible to auto populate standard price product value from Standard price book to another custom field? I'm preparing our company app as a product configurator where ideally I would like to manage my pricese in one place in SF. Maybe Apex Code?

Thanks for any ideas and help.

Trades_CascadeAccounts had worked fine until about a week ago when our trade volume increased substantially. Can someone help me figure out why it's hitting governor limits?


public class Trades_CascadeAccounts {
    public Trades__c[] tradesOldList { set; get; }
    public Trades__c[] tradesNewList { set; get; }
    public Map<Id, Trades__c> tradesOldListMap { set; get; }
    public Trades_CascadeAccounts(Trades__c[] tradesOldList, Trades__c[] tradesNewList) {
        this.tradesNewList = tradesNewList == null ? new Trades__c[] {} : tradesNewList.clone();
        this.tradesOldList = tradesOldList == null ? new Trades__c[] {} : tradesOldList.clone();
        this.tradesOldListMap = new Map<Id, Trades__c>(this.tradesOldList);
    public void execute() {
        Set<Id> tradesAccountIds = new Set<Id> {};
        for(Trades__c tradesNew : tradesNewList) {
            Trades__c tradesOld = tradesOldListMap.get(tradesNew.Id);
            tradesOld = tradesOld == null ? new Trades__c() : tradesOld;
        if (tradesAccountIds.size() == 0)
        Account[] accountList = new Account[] {};
        for(Id accountId : tradesAccountIds) {
            if (accountId == null)
            Account account = new Account(Id = accountId);
            account.Rollup_Trades__c = null;
        update accountList;



Also, hear is the batch job if that helps:

global class Account_RollupTradesBatchable implements Database.Batchable<sObject>, Database.Stateful {
    global Database.QueryLocator start(Database.BatchableContext batchableContext){
        return Database.getQueryLocator('select Id from Account where ParentId = null');
    global void execute(Database.BatchableContext batchableContext, Account[] accountList) {
        for(Account account : accountList)
            account.Rollup_Trades__c = null;
        update accountList;
    global void finish(Database.BatchableContext batchableContext) {



Hey all,

I am writing a class there the exact condition of a loop will not be known ahead of time. I have a list of items, each item represents a field name. I need to loop over this list of field names, and evaluate the contents of the field that that item represents. In other languages you might do something like use eval()/evaluate() for handling dynmaic conditions, or use structure notation, but apex doesn't seem to allow for either. This is my code thus far.



public with sharing class eventClasses 
	public static void createScheduleObjects(events__c[] eventList)
		//the idea here is to create all the required schedule objects for every event passed in.
		list<Employee_Schedule__c> Schedules = new List <Employee_Schedule__c>();
		//create a map of all the job types that exist. Every item here has a field by the same name
		//on the opportunity object that contains the number of people required to fill that role for this event.
		//the second part just contains a friendly name for this job to be shown to the user.
		Map<String,String> jobFieldList = new Map<String,String>();
		jobFieldList.put('Test_Set_up_Coordination__c','Test Setup');
		//loop over every event passed in
		for(events__c event : eventList)
			//For every job type defined, evaluate the number of people needed for that job as specified on the
			//related opportunity object
			for(String jobName : jobFieldList)
				//ok, so now we are looking at one specific job (ex Dishwasher__c). There is a field on the 
				//related opportunity called Dishwasher__c. That field contains the number of employee schedule
				//objects we need to create for the Dishwasher__c type.
				//This line causes the error, I am unsure how to feed the jobName variable into this loop condition
				for(Integer i = 0; i< event.Project__r[jobName]; i++)
					Employee_Schedule__c thisSchedule = new Employee_Schedule__c();
					thisSchedule.event__c = event.id;
					thisSchedule.Role__c = jobFieldList.get(jobName);
		insert Schedules;



I know this sounds kind of confusing, but really the issue itself isn't. In our instance we have 

Employee_Schedule__c -> Events__c -> Opportunity


When an event is created, we want to automatically create the schedules needed. The number and type of schedules needed is pulled from the Opportunity object, which has fields with the same names as the ones created in my jobFieldList. So when an event__c references project__r.Dishwasher__c that is a valid field that contains the number of people we need as dishwashers. So i need to create that many Employee_Schedule__c objects with the role set as Dishwasher.


The idea of course is to write clean code that simply iterate over a list of fields that contains numbers that tell it how many of that type of schedule record to create. Make sense? If so, how do I do it?! 

UNIT4 Agresso, a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendor, uses SalesForce.com (Enterprise Edition) as its CRM solution for sales and marketing in North America.  UNIT4 Agresso sells software, professional services and maintenance and support services.  We now need to customize our implementation to include a new area of functionality:  sales commission calculation, tracking and reporting.  In addition, the integration between SalesForce and Outlook is no longer working and we have not been able to resolve this through the SalesForce help desk.


Our implementation of SalesForce incorporates a number of customizations including custom fields on the Opportunities object to record revenue by revenue stream (e.g. license revenue, services revenue, maintenance revenue, etc.). Our commission structure is complex.  On a high level, it varies by team member and revenue stream, with multiple staff receiving commission when an Opportunity is closed-won.


We are issuing this invitation for an expression of interest for SalesForce consulting work to include:

·         From our documented business requirements for commissions, prepare a solution design, and on approval by UNIT4 Agresso, implement the solution in SalesForce, provide end-user documentation, and provide required security setup.

·         Resolve SalesForce-Outlook integration issues (currently not working)


Agresso plans to issue a Request for Proposal by March 26.  The project is scheduled to begin early on the week of March 29 and be fully completed by April 15, 2010. Completing this project on time is essential.


If you are interested in receiving our RFP, please respond by return email by March 24, with the following:

·         Profile of your company

·         Experience with SalesForce consulting work

·         Contact information – person, address, phone and email

 Thank you.
  • March 19, 2010
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I am new to APEX classes and have a few questions.  I posted once in the PHP forums to try and find a solution, but the answers were not clear

1)  If I create an APEX class can I access this from an external server/system or set of scripts that I write?  The script can be written in any language: PHP, Perl, etc....
2) Once I create the class and generate the WSDL from the class, do I download it and then use this like I do the Partner WSDL file

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

I hope this is not too generic to answer my questions