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if i have flow and a trigger what will execute first and what is the correct order of execution in salesforce?
I wanted to access the dataJson of omniscript into LWC
Hi all,
I have a need to setup a structure in apex where I can specify for a Contact object and a specific set of record types, a set of fields have xyz custom roles. 

For example: I want to define a structure that says:
  1. For a Contact object, the field TestField__c, the following record types:  RecType1, RecType2, and RecType3 are assigned the custom roles "CustomRole1, CustomRole2, CustomRole3"
  2. For a Contact object, the field TestField2__c, the following record types: RecType1, RecType2, and RecType3 are assigned the custom roles "CustomRole4, CustomRole5"
This is something that I need to build out as a some type of static final map in an apex class but need help on how to structure such a map.  I am not able to use a custom metadata due to some circumstances beyond my control.  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I took a stab at it but I don't think this will give me what i want:
public static final map<string, map<string, map<string, List<string>>>> myMap = new map<string, map<string, map<string, List<string>>>>  {
'Contact' => new map<string, map<string, list<string>>> {
'TestField__c' => new map<string, list<string>> {
'RecType1-RecType2-RecType3' => new List<String> {
My thinking is here is that when I am parsing for the RecordTypes, I can maybe strip out the dashes.

  • April 11, 2023
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Hi all,

I need to migrate files from one org to another, and I tried following the guide here: https://www.stimulusconsulting.co.uk/news/salesforce-data-migration/. When I used the Data Export, I made sure to check the checkbox ‘Include Salesforce Files and Salesforce CRM Content document version’, and I got all of the Files in many ContentVersion folders as expected.

However, I did not see a ContentVersion.csv or a ContentDocumentLink.csv so I can't get my files into the new org. I've gone back to schedule another Export, and noticed that the object list has objects for ContentVersion and ContentDocumentLink. I did not check the boxes to export either of those last time. I have now checked both of those checkboxes, along with the checkboxes for a couple of other custom objects I need. I believe this will give me the files I need, as described in the link I posted.

I just want to be sure I've set this correctly, as I can only take a Data Export once a week. If I mess this up again, I have to wait yet another week before I can try again. Can anyone confirm that this is right way set up the export? I've attached a screenshot of the setup  below.

New Setup
All examples that I have seen so far show how to add a custom button/action on Leads List View. I am looking for a way to launch a flow from a custom buttom/action from Account List View.

The Flow is to create account and related contact records and it needs to happen only through a flow, as the customer wants point and click customization.

User-added image

So far, I have only been able to launch the flow from within a record- by adding the action on the account page layout. However, my requirement is to launch the flow from the Account List View itself and not requiring the user to first have to select any other record. I have also tried creating a VF page to launch the flow from.

The issue that I am running into is

1- I do NOT see 'List View' as an option when I navigate to 'Search Layouts' on the Account Object and the 'Default Layout' does not have the custom button that I created

User-added image

Default Layout- supports only buttons that create or update a record

User-added image

2- I do see 'List View' listed when I navigate TO 'Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic' on the Account Object, however, the button to launch flow still does not show up under custom buttons and the only buttons that show up are related to either creating/updating a record. Also, I am sure if seeing the button to launch a flow under Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic would do me any good as I am working in Lightning
User-added image
User-added image

Direction on how to proceed ahead is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
I need to get the certificate, I am using :


Using the REST method above, I do get a body nevertheless I am trying to encode it to have exactly the same content when downloading it from the UI. any suggestions will be apreciaate it.