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Any opinions on the tool? Considering it as an option. Also open to other backup suggestions.


I've got an Account screen flow which is launched via a URL button on the Account list view.

This flow gets ids without issue if the "Enable Lightning runtime for flows" is not checked/enabled.

However, I want to use a LWC component in the last screen of the flow to automatically open a record the flow creates. To be able to use LWC in the flow, I need to enable the "Enable Lightning runtime for flows" setting.

Is there another way to pass list view ids into a flow that are known or do I need to switch to a aura component?

what is the threshold of looping in flows?
How many ways the field level security is implemented in salesforce?
Hi there,

I have added an image in the pre-chat additional setting. The image displays on a desktop web browser but it does not display on a mobile browser. The Chatbot window increased because the background image is added but it displays as a blank space on a mobile browser

Has anyone experienced this and was able to resolve this issue?

There are two dates fields- 'close date' and 'delivery date'. Also, there are 12 number fields Sales April, Sales May likewise in the Opportunity object. I want 'Final Amount' should be equally divided and auto-populate between Sales April, Sales May etc on the basis of difference between close date and delivery date month with one month after close date month
Ex-: If close date is 1/May/2023, Delivery date is 12/Aug/2023, Final Amount is 3000, difference between close date and delivery date months is 4, then Final Amount should be equally divided as follows:
Sales June:1000, Sales July : 1000, Sales August: 1000
Please suggest the way how we can implement this using flow/trigger.
Is there a way to set up discussion forums on our salesforce community?
We would like our customers to be able to have discussions based on our own products?
how should be decide when to go for point and click(flows) and when to use the code to solve a buisness problem?
Hello everyone, I'm excited to start a career as a Salesforce developer and I'm wondering what steps I need to take to become certified. Are there any specific training courses or certifications that I should consider to build my skills and knowledge in this area?
Furthermore, I'm curious about the benefits of becoming a certified Salesforce developer. Aside from validating my skills, will it increase my earning potential or lead to new job opportunities?
I appreciate any advice or recommendations you can offer. Thank you for taking the time to help me out!
Hello everyone, last month I joined the Salesforce certification program. I am now interested in pursuing an Azure development course (https://www.igmguru.com/cloud-computing/microsoft-azure-developer-az-203-certification-training/). Can I enroll in this course after completing the Salesforce certification, or are there any prerequisites I should be aware of?

i have a senario like if supposed i send email to the client & client resposnse to that email , that email how can i received in my salesforce org...
Please help me as soon as possible.

Hi All,

has anybody have idea why the salesforce exam slots are not available for dates from Nov 17th till dec 7th in webessor ..as i planned to take up i was searching but its not allowing it for those span.


A couple of days ago I started Salesforce Certified Exam, answered 1 question, and then it was paused. The image on the screen said: 'Please wait for our specialist to connect with you as soon as possible'. 20 minutes past nothing happened.
I connected to Kryterion Support, they answered me that no able to reschedule or cancel an exam and I should open a case in Salesforce Support.
SF Support has not been answered for a couple of days.
The exam still suspended now.

Does anyone has a suspended issue or know some solution?

I have been looking at other posts for my questions on how Apex batch works when there is an Error. Somehow I am not able to clear my self. I have couple of questions. Can someone please clarify.

1. Assume a batch process has 3 iterations processing 200 records each. The batch process is doing an insert and I am using Database.Insert with AllorNone parameter set to False. Assume there was an error during the second iteration while processing 101 record.I understand that all the records in the first iteration will be committed and also the 100 records in the second iteration. My question is will the batch process continue to process other records in the second iteration and also the third iteration.

2. Assume all the 3 iterations (execute method) completed without any error but some error occured in the Finish method. Finish method just sends an email. How does this work, considering that I am using Database.Insert and AllorNone parameter set to False. My understanding is that all the records will be committed to the database but user will not be receiving email that the batch was successfull or not. I am confused how this scenario will work in the real time.
  • September 05, 2016
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Hi All
can you please share interview questions and different senarios which ask for experienced sfdc developers



May I know the Top 10 useful Salesforce Sites/Blogs to follow  please?



Thanks in advance.