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I have a requirement where livehcat will be deployed to multiple webpages. When a chat is initiated I would like to save the url of the page from where the chat was initiated. I am using lightning Console.
Hi all, I am trying to customize sales processes based on different profiles. I see where I can create additional sales processes but I would like to be able to set different values in the available values selection box. How would I go about doing this? 

Please could you help us


We need to calculate school year from dob.  eg if the child is born 27/08/2007 then it should calculate as year 1.  If the child is born on 01/09/2005 then it should calculate year 2.  In the UK the cut off date is 31st August so that the youngest in year 1 is born 31st August 2007, and oldest is born 01/09/2006.


The code we have for excel is 

=INT((TODAY()-A14+223+(MOD(YEAR(A14),4)=0))/365.25)-5 doesn't work properly as it appears to work for jan to jan year groups



In words the formula would be:-


(todays date - dob + (next sept date-todays date))/365.25 - 5


any help on this would be appreciated



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