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In our Salesforce org, we have a custom button that converts a certificate to a pdf file. The file generates 3 pages one of which is blank. How can I modify the file/ template using CSS to remove the extra spacing? Where might I want to start?

I have created a custom login visualforce page for my community. I also created couple of custom labels. When I am swtiching the language the translation are not coming up it is showing english only.

I have added the translation.

Any suggestion what I am missing?

Hello ;
Please I want to :
1-when a call from a customer is answered, the customer file will open up in Salesforce – if that is not possible, open up when the call is incoming
for every customer call, the call is logged (start, duration, optionally some comment) to the customer account in Salesforce
2-when a customer calls, the customer service sees the name of the customer account (as stored in Salesforce)
3-when an internal number calls, we see the internal name (so the starface addressbook is still intact)

i use STARFACE UCI java (https://www.starface.de/de/Solutions/integration/interfaces.php) code but i didn't know how I can include it in salesforce any help, please ?
Hello folks , 
I want to show a custom message or toast message if no contacts are found for an account . could you please correct my code . 

please tell how to check the size or length of the  returned contacts .  

below code displays Contacts if present under an account . 

html code:
<lightning-card title="Apex Method With Parameters">
<lightning-layout-item flexibility="auto" padding="around-small">
<lightning-layout-item flexibility="grow">
<lightning-input label="Enter Account Name" type="search" onchange={searchContact} value={searchKey}> </lightning-input>
                <lightning-layout-item class="slds-p-left_xx-small">
<lightning-button label="Search" onclick={doSearch} ></lightning-button> </lightning-layout-item>
<lightning-layout-item class="slds-m-bottom_small">
<template if:true={contacts}>
<template for:each={contacts} for:item="contact">
<p key={contact.Id}> {contact.Name} </p>
<template if:false={contacts}>
<p> No Contacts found for this Account </p>
<template if:true={error}>

js code: 

import { LightningElement, track } from 'lwc';
import SearchContactList from '@salesforce/apex/ApexMethodWithParameters.SearchContactList';
export default class ShowContactsIMP extends LightningElement {
/* eslint-disable no-console */
/* eslint-disable no-alert */
@track contacts;
@track error;
this.searchKey = event.target.value;
doSearch() {
SearchContactList({ accountName: this.searchKey })
result => {
this.contacts = result;
console.log('contacts => ', JSON.stringify(this.contacts));
alert('contacts => ', JSON.stringify(this.contacts));
this.error = undefined;
.catch(error => {
this.error = error;
this.contacts = undefined;
Hello everyone,
                            I am doing integration salesforce with box.com when i uplod file that time first i convert blob into base 64 encoded string then send file using rest api after uploading  file my file in  not readable form it meanse file is encoded. And i am sending file in body as a blob and also try in body but i can't sucess. so give me some idea that how i can solve this issue.
   (Thanks in advance).

The output of the Apex String.format function doesn't seem correct when the format string contains an escaped single quote.


E.g. Executing the following Anonymous code in Eclipse



String formattedString = String.format('Hello {0}, \' shall we play a {1}', new String[]{'David', 'game'});
System.debug('before \' after');



System.debug(formattedString) results in
Hello David,  shall we play a {1}


Rather than the expected

Hello David, ' shall we play a game


Is this a bug/feature of String.format?


I've had a colleague reproduce this issue in a separate install of Eclipse and also seen it with a Chatter FeedPost created by a trigger.