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I have just created a global action using a lightning component which calls a flow. This works fine on the web but I cannot see it when i am on the field service mobile app. There is only 1 publisher layout in our org and every profile is assigned to that publisher layout. 

I have tried adding some of the default global actions to the publisher layout also but i cannot see any global actions at all so I am guessing the issue is with global actions in general instead of the new global actions which I have just created. 

If anyone has any idea what the issue is or how this could be solved it would be greatly appreciated. 


Hi ,


I have one site for I want to update/change the look and feel of underconstruction page.When any person enters the WRONG URL so he get the underconstruction page with clock and tool box icon and URL of the active site.Instead I want show my company logo and the URL as embedded as link as shown here.


But when I try to this its is not making any chances.




  • March 31, 2011
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AND( ISPICKVAL(Type_of_Medical_Position__c , "Medical"), ISPICKVAL(Medical_Position__c  ,""))


The above validation works only for specific picklist values like "Medical"


I need to validate a dependent picklist field and make it required when some of the values in a controlling picklist is selected and it can be of any value.

Also for some of the values in Controlling picklist field, the dependent picklist is disabled and in that case it should not display the Error Message.



Help Needed!!