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I keep receiving the following error message when attempting to clear:

"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:  Could not find notification on dashboard. Please check the requirements again." 
(Task - Create a notification to alert you when lost opportunities exceed a certain amount)

The alert is created and set to run. When you Save and Run the alert, it disables it for some reason and you can't see it as a widget in  the Notification Tracking section. When you Save only, it stays active and displays the widget on the Wave Analytics home page. It doesn't display on the Oppty Details dashboard though.

Any thoughts? I'd like to complete this trail and progress to the next part of the project.
Completed the challenge.  Added the notification (see attached image) in the Wave developer org.  It looks like it did not save the first time.  Added the notification a 2nd time, as shown in screen capture. User-added image