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I wanted to create a formula field that calculates the number of words (or characters) in a long text area, but I see that Salesforce does not have this capability. But I hear that apex can accomplish this? Sadly, I am not good with apex code, but I'm wondering if someone has any ideas on how to draft this code? Here are the specifics I am working with:

  • Calculate number of words (or characters) of field Testimony__c on Custom Object TargetX_SRMb__Essay__c and display results in field Testimony_Word_Count__c (also on Custom Object TargetX_SRMb__Essay__c).
Because in my current company they told me that they would be hiring for Developers now m doing kind of consultant jobs, everytime calling with clients. So please let me know from where i should prepare and crack the interview which would happen on Thursday.
Thanks a lot in advance.

I am trying to deploy one class which has implemented Schedulable interface.

But when I try to deploy it using ANT I am getting the following error :

"Schedulable class has jobs pending or in progress".


I am waiting for this to get resolved since more than 48 hrs and it doesn't seem to resolve.

What can be done in such case? How to deploy it to production? I tried to deploy by making packages but could not since the components in the package already exist in production and gives an error when I unzip the package. Please suggest what can be done in this situation.

  • March 26, 2010
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