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I have a public experience site that shows mapped fields when you make a CMS single item element. However, it doesn't show the image I have on the content and when I hit the "view" button it goes to a blank page. 

I created a new site and made it public. I went to the public profile ("
Guest User Profile") that the tutorials list and saw that the "news" object only had an option for "show tab", not for "read" as it was instructed. I turned the tab on anyway. Also there are no objects for "image" or "document" in the objects list, so I'm not sure what the documentation is refering to. 

I found this whitepaper (https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.admin_communities_license_access.htm&type=5) on the objects and the content object doesn't exist. I assume this is happening because I'm not logged in to the experience page frontend and the guest user doesn't have the right permissions.

Which object should be used for the News/Image/Document  permission settings that you make with the CMS home app?
Please notice that this is specifically for SOCIAL STUDIO. I need to download an already created report in CSV format from social studio using the API.

I don't see any kind of command in the developer documentation but I thought I'd check. Thank you.