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Hi All,
I am not able to login into my Trailhead Account.
1. I have logged in with correct Username and Password
2.Having domain as: https://olivalightninguv-dev-ed-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com/
3. After logging in next screen is displayed as below.
User-added image
4.I have deleted account from  "Salesforce Authenticator" mobile app by mistakenly.
5.But now i am trying to login into my account it's shows screen as above in snapshot. So, I need to disconnect "Salesforce Authenticator" from my Account. 

I have tryied 4 to 5 time raise request using below link
but still not able to raise it. 
Is any solution for this - Please let me know.
While working on Secure Identity and Access Management trailhead i have used authenticator.
Now that i have lost my mobile phone which has salesforce authenticator, now i am not able to login to my org.
Everytime i am trying to log in, its restricting me.
i tried to contact saleforce using help option in mydeveloper org, but the help desk is not fuctioning as per the requirement.