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I have a question on the order of elements being fired within a Process Buidler. Please see attached photo.

Scenario: Both elements #1 & #2 are applicable and meet the criteria of the changes made on the record. 

  1. Do elements #1 & #2 fire consecutively?
  2. Does element #2 wait for the actions of #1 to complete before continuing?
  3. Some other scenario of actions happen?

User-added image

hello, we have sf.com and five9. we are having difficuly getting Five9 data into sf.com. five9 provides a one way connection to get data into five9 from sf.com but not the other way around.

they do have a connector in their admin tool, but we were told that this connector tool does not support authenticaion, so we cannot send api requests because sf requires auth then passing a token. five9 is recommending that we put middleware to recive the five9 requets and forward onto sf.com

the question is: is there anyone out there that has successfully sent data into sf.com from five9? if so, how? can we speak?

We are willing to engage a consulting partner to do so.