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Currently trying to run the End of Year Wizard for our school. Keep getting error messages in the School Settings Status, Review Student Fields. At first we thought it was a problem with our 8th grades since they're leaving the school, but after trying different selections for their fields we just inactivated their records. Tried to save the updates for all our other students but are still receiving error messages. Here are two of them:

Apex CPU time limit exceeded
Error is in expression '{!saveStudentUpdates}' in component <apex:commandButton> in page eoywiz_schoolstudentpromotional: Class.Student_Utils.checkDeactivation: line 203, column 1
Class.Student_Utils.processAfterUpdate: line 35, column 1
Trigger.Student_BIAIBUAUBD: line 13, column 1

Apex CPU time limit exceeded
Error is in expression '{!finalizeStudentUpdates}' in page eoywiz_schoolstudentpromotional: Class.Student_Utils.populateReferenceId_OnChange: line 131, column 1
Class.Student_Utils.processBeforeUpdate: line 21, column 1
Trigger.Student_BIAIBUAUBD: line 10, column 1

When running this process last year we did not experience this error.

We have two custom Object Student and College.
I have one custom field in Student fee
And in Parent Total Amount
Whenever student joined to college Total Amount will be update using trigger