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hello I have a journey that sends a message to the customer's phone, but it stuck in the status sent to the customer, how can I check what happened? why it stuck in the status sent to the client when I would have to do more things
The Certificate was uploaded and visible in the “Certificate and Key Management” section.    

Your support or any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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Hello Friends,
I have this  below code.
<apex:page standardController="Account">
    {! Account.Name }
    {! Account.Phone}
I can comment the code by standard way (" <!-- This is commented part --> ") which I can do with few clicks.

Is there a way using the keyboard shortcut to do so? MS Visual Studio has it. May be the Eclipse too, although not sure.

Please help, thanks!

Is there a way to get a list of Account records (parent) with no child records associated (Opportunity)  via SOQL?

I am trying to avoid doinf this in Apex, like getting the AccountId values from Opportunity and then query accounts where id not in this list.


Is it possible to get this list through SQOL?

Here is my query (I need only the accounts that have no associated Opportunity records):


SELECT a.Id, a.Name, (Select id from Opportunities) from Account a order by a.Name