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Flow newbie here, need some guidance. I figure I've got the basics working, now I need to design it for various situations.

Goal: When opportunity ownership is transfered and the "Keep Opportuntiy Teams" box is selected, then I want the flow to automatically delete the opportunity team member for the previous owner. Because we have Splits enabled, the owner is always added as an opporutnity team member. And as soon as the owner becomes the previous owner, I want the corresponding team member to be automatically deleted. For example, Joe owns the opp, Joe and Mary are team members. The opp is transfered to Bob, and the desired result should be that Bob and Mary are the only team members.

So far, I've got a single step in my flow that deletes the team member nicely. But it only works when "Keep Opportunity Teams" is selected. If I don't select "Keep Opportunity Teams", then the flow throws an error. Presumably because the team member has already been deleted and the flow doesn't know what to do? I'm not sure how to modify my flow to deal with this.

After I get that sorted out, then I need to make sure it can delete any splits it needs to. 

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