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Suppose, I have one custom object My_Object__c having one picklist field Sample__c having values New, In Progress, Failed, Success. There are two record trigger flows I have created on this object as follows:
  • First record trigger flow will trigger on record creation and will update the value of Sample__c  field to In Progress.
  • Second flow will trigger on record update, if Sample__c is change equals to true as entry criteria. But second flow is not getting triggered, it is working if I bypass the first flow
Please, let me know if I am missing something.
I have an object called Invoice, which has account, order, and opportunity as lookup fields. I have overridden the Inoice New button, on new invoice record creation, when I select Account, respective order and opportunity records want to show in the lookup fields to select.
Currently, I am using 
 <lightning-input-field field-name="Order__c" onchange={handleOrderSelection}></lightning-input-field>
where it displays record records

Thanks in Advance !!