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I'm looking for a way to display each row in the calendar with its corresponding weeknumber.

Is it possible to customize the calendar widget that appears when you are about to enter your input? Or any other way to approach this?

Hi All,

I am getting error:
"Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void returnAverageSum(List<Opportunity>) from the type PracticeApex" . Kindly help me in resolving above error.

Here is my code

public class PracticeApex{
    public static void retrunAverageSum(List<Opportunity> ol){
        Integer avg=0;
        Integer sum=0;
        Integer size= ol.size();
        for(Opportunity o: ol){

from Dev Console:

PracticeApex pa=new PracticeApex();
List<Opportunity> opp=[Select Id, Amount from Opportunity];

I want to place a simple text in the form of banner on top of the header in the experience builder, Is it possible?

I just need to display a text,

I am not able to place anything on top of the header at the moment

I need help creating the scheduled trigger flow which will send an email alert to users 15 days before the expiration date. Can someone please guide me. Thank you
When I go into a Salesforce object, the list view is sorted in ascending order. I want to fix the list view in descending order when I enter the object. Is there a way to do that?
I wanted a use case where I can show actual target and expected target on opportunity object. I tried with target tab but that tab is not there.
Please help me with this.
I have a LWC datatable that when the window is resized larger sets the width of the table appropriately, but when I resize the window smaller, it doesn't recalculate and set the datatable size to be smaller.  Thus the datatable grows but never shrinks.

I would think the datatable should resize accordingly no matter what.

Interesting, if I put it into a lightning-layout, I need to have 2 layout items, the datatable will resize.  If i only have one layout item, the datatable does not resize properly.

Any help would be appreciated.