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Wondering if anyone can shed some light on some issues my team and I are having creating KBs in SF Knowledge.

KB Articles created in our (for now) non-public KB have some painful formatting issues we are unable to resolve.

One example is when we create a code block with linux lines to be appended to a end-user config file, if the code block text resembles a URL (typically, it seems "http://" is the trigger), the published KB is rendered with that text in the code block with "href" instead of simple text. Here is an example of what we enter into the code block:

export http_proxy="http://proxyuser:proxypass@proxyIPaddress:proxyPort/"
export https_proxy="http://proxyuser:proxypass@proxyIPaddress:proxyPort/"

Here is a code block rendered in this community forum :

export http_proxy="http://proxyuser:proxypass@proxyIPaddress:proxyPort/"
export https_proxy="http://proxyuser:proxypass@proxyIPaddress:proxyPort/"
When the above code block is rendered in our SF KB, it will have two trailing quotes thanks to the "href", resulting in a syntactically-incorrect code block:
It seems that KB is pasring what it thinks are URLs in code blocks, and this should not be.

Another issue relates to formatting of URLs when we want them to be displayed with the "href" but they aren't, for unknown reasons.

Rendered KB:
User-added image
Despite the black text, each of these links are formatted in the editor exactly the same, but when renderted, despite being clickable, they are not colored as clickable URLs should be.
I have connected Salesforce org to Sharepoint via Azure using Files Connect Cloud. The problem occurred when I are tried to query more than 1100 records.
The error that I am getting:
EXTERNAL_OBJECT_EXCEPTION: An unknown error occurred while accessing Files Connect.
I have found that were are limitations like:
  • Number, Currency, and Choice multiple properties can’t be selected for file types SharePoint doesn’t index for search. By default, this includes image, video, and .pdf files, although .pdf files are natively indexed starting with SharePoint 2013.
  • Multiple Line of Text, URL, and Date properties aren’t queryable.
  • Choice multiple and URL properties can’t be selected.
Is there any way to export all external data source records generated by Files connect?
I have also tried to use java based dataloader, but unfortunately I wasn't able to export more than 200 records.
I have a lightning app which has the remote site settings dynamic.
So, is it a good practice to use metadataService.class (http://technome2.blogspot.com/2017/05/creating-remote-site-settings.html) in post-installation script to add remote site settings for the org?