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We are facing issues with Lightning Message Service. We are using a LWC component in experience builder which publishes the message using LMS. Please find below error message while publishing the message.

Error details
Error details

We are using all standard code as per the below documentation - 

1. we have subscribed to the message channel in our community.
import SAMPLECHANNEL from '@salesforce/messageChannel/SampleMessageChannel__c';
2. we have imported the pusblishMessage , MessageContext.
import { publish, MessageContext } from 'lightning/messageService';
3. We have also use the wire context.
 @wire(MessageContext) messageContext;

Need help from the Ohana community..!! Please help..!!
I'm trying to customize the Gamification aspect in my Community to actions that are more relevant to what my users will be doing, but I can't see where I can go in and modify this drop-down list. It would seem that just like any other drop-down list that I've created in Salesforce through a custom field, I could go in and add/remove the items. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

[select id,name,(select name,AccountId from Contacts) from Account where id in(select AccountId from Contact)]

In this SOQL query,What's the difference between Contacts and Contact.I didn't get this relationship.
Please give a hand.