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HI there,
I am working on integrating Salesforce with Amazon Connect.
I have followed the exact instruction as per salesforce and amazon documentation @https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/projects/build-an-amazon-connect-integration?trail_id=innovate-with-alexa-and-amazon-web-services
While testing, being in Service Console, I can see Phone utility at the bottom, see attached screen1. But when I click it, it opens up in new pop-up window but shows error : "URL No Longer Exists", look at screen2 image.screen1screen2

I re-run complete steps. Couldn't find issue, may be I overlooked some aspects, any help on the same please ?

Hi Everybody,

I working on the integration between Genesys Pure Cloud and Salesforce. The challenges we are facing are related to the fact that the client's contact centre currently handles all channels via Genesys. In particular, they leverage workforce management, quality assurance and real-time monitoring capabilities provided by Genesys Cloud across all channels.

Normally, the right solution to apply would have been when SF comes into play:
  1. Use the adapter to handle voice interactions
  2. Use SF omnichannel capabilities to handle text-based interactions (chat, email, WhatsApp, SMS, etc...)
  3. The adapter would guarantee the synchronization of the agent status between GC and SF
Unluckily, the option described above won't allow us to preserve WFM, QA and RT monitoring for all the channels that will not pass through Genesys (see point 2). 

This was a digest of the story that is bringing me to consider an option where
  1. All interactions will flow through Genesys as it happens today for the client
  2. The adapter will basically handle the UI integration between the two systems
  3. No omnichannel capabilities in place
My questions are:
  • Does anyone have experience with such a similar scenario?
  • How is the CSR experience with text-based interactions (e.g. with a chat)? The chat should be handled in a Genesys frame. Correct? Is this frame integrated into the console? Or will it be promoted as a separate screen?
I don't have the chance to test this scenario and I didn't receive any useful advice from Genesys. 

Thanks in advance for your support!



Hi there,

Any body know about, how to integrate salesforce CTI with Avaya

Any help apriciated!


Can Anyone help me to integrate Cisco finesse with salseforce ?
Hello all,
I have managed to get the OpenCTI server and connectivity to the AES server completed.  The softphone works.  However, the system will not produce a screen pop.  I have the contact set up with the appropriate ani.
I'm new to the salesforce integration, so any help would be appreciated.  
Also, the softphone connection is somewhat odd in that it works most of the time, but will not log in to the switch.
Does anyone has idea about phone system integration with Salesforce? 
Please give me some insights into this.

Thank you.
Hi All,

If anyone has done CTI integration in Salesforce using Genesys CTI Adapter please let me know ASAP.

Can anyone explain how a CTI application will work in Salesforce ?

Thanks in advance
  • December 29, 2014
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Please let me know the Process/Steps required to achieve CTI Integration with Salesforce.





I am trying to install a CTI adapter for my organization and integrate the telephony system ...I am having an huge problem in solving this...Does anyone has an idea on this.....Any help would be really appreciated...thank you



thank you 


  • June 17, 2010
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We have an Avaya phone system and are hoping to integrate it with SalesForce.com.  After looking around on the AppExchange, it looks like there are 3rd party integration solutions for this.  Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for an integration like this one?  We are also hoping to customize the connector somewhat, so we're looking for an implementation or version that allows us to do that.  Thanks
  • July 16, 2009
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Do we have CTI Adapter for Avaya IP500 professional  in SFDC? . Please let me know, one of our clients wants us to integrate Call Manager with SFDC.
Do we have CTI Adapter for Cisco Call Manager in SFDC? I could only see Cisco IPCC Enterprise and Express. Please let me know. One of our clients wants us to integrate Call Manager with SFDC.
Has anyone had any success with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration). If would be extremely beneficial to users to have call center features such as bringing up a contact from a phone call. However, reading the Skype App reviews it seems that it is only for opportunities and got a fully developed solution. Another option I found is this:
However, the .de url and the fact that I could not find a mention of mirage of the salesforce appexchange very sceptical.
Please let me know of my option regarding CTI.