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Hello expert,

Can anybody state and explain the steps to export and import attachments/files from one SF org to another Org?

Help me please !!

Thank you in advance!
Hi All, 
I have a requirement where I need to export all the attchment files from my salesforce org to my local system.

It has to be the complete file and not the metadata.

Thanks a lot in advance,
send Salesforce reports in excel format to non-salesforce users
and  schedule these reports to be sent form Sandbox

Can you please advice anyone any salesforce appexchange product available 
Hi Fellows,

Great day!!! 
I am trying to download all the files there in my org at once into my local drive. Is there any way to achieve this, tried export option that does not worked for me. Please suggest any other ways to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

Is it possible to use external storage to store Attachments?
As a company we have large files/attachments under Manual forms that sales need to upload and associate documents to Contacts. We also want to save on the Salesforce storage costs.
To the sales user it would appear that the attachment is being uploaded into SFDC but behind the scenes it would saved on something like network storage. We need to store files on NAS (network storage). In SFDC , we store Links to Edit/View/Del the attachment  that would be redirected to do the operation on the file in external storage.
External Drive: We need to store files at following location from SFDC- 

Any Quick Help will be appreciated.

Hi, how can I view all my validation rules on one screen as opposed to having to go through each object?



I am migrating data from one salesforce org to another. Can any one tell me how do I migrate Attachments?

I used the file exporter to download the attachments from the source org but while uploading attachments to the new org

I got the error "Error Converting value to correct data type"


Any help would be highly appreciated.

does anyone know how to get the count of workflow rules in an organization.


thanks in advance.

We have 2 completely seperate Salesforce organizations and we are soon going to consolidate them down to 1. We have many PDF attachments which are attached the to Notes and Attachments section of a Custom Object in one of the Orgs. Is there anyway to move all those PDFs to the other Org? I can't think of any way to do it.


Thanks for any suggestions you may have,