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I am looking to setup a flow where I would get data from one of several fields.  The field in question would depend on the value of another field.  As an example: I have several picklist fields on the account, Color Red, Color Blue and Color Green.  On the contact I have a field called "Color".  depending on the value of the Color field on the contact, I would want to get the data in the relavent field from the account and then be able to use this data for other parts of the flow (So if the value of the Color field is "Red" then I want to get the value of the "Color Red" field from the account.

I am sure I can do this with a decision which checks the value of the field and then selects the right field but as we would be adding fields later on I was hoping there would be a way to make the selection of the field dynamic (Select field where Label = "Color " & !$Record.Color__c ) or something like this so we do not need to edit flow everytime we add a new field and picklist option

Any ideas would be welcomed
We are calling Salesforce's API via PHP on several servers and starting on Wednesday evening (June 15, 2022), those API calls started randomly failing. These scripts have been working for many months (some for years). This is happening not just on our network, I have tested it running on a laptop at a different location entirely separate from our network and requests are still randomly failing. I've seen 50 successes in a row, with some having a 40 second connection attempt (a normal request should take 1-3 seconds), but still succeeding and I've seen it fail two out of every five attempts; and everything inbetween. I've submitted a case but it was cast off as a developer issue several times by SF "support" (LOL). Below are examples of the PHP messages received.

PHP Notice:  SoapClient::__doRequest(): Send of 962 bytes failed with errno=10054 An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host in C:\SCRIPT_PATH\soapclient\SforceBaseClient.php on line 514

The SOAP API gives me back the following error text:
• Could not connect to host
• Failed Sending HTTP SOAP request
• Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded

This post is related to an issue which I am not able to solve

Actally I want to write a method that validates an IBAN.
Would anyone have some code to share for this?

hi, im new to salesforce and i was wondering what was the difference between __c and __r when refering to a custom object. Also can u give me examples. thanks