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Hi all, 

I'm learning triggers in salesforce and want some advice on understanding how to write a trigger for below scenario. what is the approach?
There are two objects Object1_c(Parent) and Object__c(child) having look-up relationship.

Object__c has record types namely  "A" and "B".
Object__c has a field (currency) --> Myamount__c
Object__c has 2 picklislts --> Picklist_a__c and Pciklist_b__c
object1__c has a field(curreny_ --> amount__c


when amount__c(on Object1__c) is blank or null, and if record type is either A||B and Picklst_a__c and picklist__b is selected then Myamount__c should be required show be the error.

Thanks in advance.
I'm in a terrible dilemma with the trigger. I was wondering why there is no id assigned on the record anymore
trigger trigger_Account on Account(before insert, before update){
  for( Account acc : Trigger.new){
    system.debug('Account id: ' + acc.id);
this change affected some of my previous triggers
  • June 10, 2016
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The 'AccountProcessor' class did not achieve 100% code coverage via your test methods. Make sure that you chose 'Run All' tests in the Developer Console at least once before attempting to verify this challenge. I did the run all with no luck. I did notice that this is the new section that was just added and I ran into issues in the first unit too.

Create an Apex class with a method using the @future annotation that accepts a List of Account IDs and updates a custom field on the Account object with the number of contacts associated to the Account. Write unit tests that achieve 100% code coverage for the class.
Create a field on the Account object called 'Number_of_Contacts__c' of type Number. This field will hold the total number of Contacts for the Account.
Create an Apex class called 'AccountProcessor' that contains a 'countContacts' method that accepts a List of Account IDs. This method must use the @future annotation.
For each Account ID passed to the method, count the number of Contact records associated to it and update the 'Number_of_Contacts__c' field with this value.
Create an Apex test class called 'AccountProcessorTest'.
The unit tests must cover all lines of code included in the AccountProcessor class, resulting in 100% code coverage.
Run your test class at least once (via 'Run All' tests the Developer Console) before attempting to verify this challenge.

public class AccountProcessor
  public static void countContacts(Set<id> setId)
      List<Account> lstAccount = [select id,Number_of_Contacts__c , (select id from contacts ) from account where id in :setId ];
      for( Account acc : lstAccount )
          List<Contact> lstCont = acc.contacts ;
          acc.Number_of_Contacts__c = lstCont.size();
      update lstAccount;

public class AccountProcessorTest {
    public static testmethod void TestAccountProcessorTest(){
        Account a = new Account();
        a.Name = 'Test Account';
        Insert a;

        Contact cont = New Contact();
        cont.FirstName ='Bob';
        cont.LastName ='Masters';
        cont.AccountId = a.Id;
        Insert cont;
        set<Id> setAccId = new Set<ID>();
        Account ACC = [select Number_of_Contacts__c from Account where id = :a.id LIMIT 1];
        System.assertEquals ( Integer.valueOf(ACC.Number_of_Contacts__c) ,1);
Has anyone gotten the Excel Connector (https://code.google.com/p/excel-connector/) to work in Excel 2016?