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This What I want in the Experience Cloud site
User-added image

With the help of HTML Editor Component I made like this but how add that real logo and how to remove that middile lineUser-added image
In the below class, how to put the List(oppList) in the value of Map(oppMap)?

public class class1{
    public static Map<Id, list<opportunity>> oppmethod(Set<Id> oppId){
    List<Opportunity> oppList = [SELECT Id, AccountId, Name FROM Opportunity where ID IN: oppId];

    Map<Id, list<opportunity>> oppmap = new Map<Id, list<opportunity>>();
    for(Opportunity op : oppList){
        oppmap.put(op.AccountId, op);
    return oppmap;
The date type has a form like yyyy-mm-dd, but how can I create an item with only mm-dd information?
//when ever new record create into account object before this new record
//is inserted into account delete all contact record with this account name
Hello folks,
while inserting data from data loader into the object lead .
closedate is a datetime field whose date is getting changed 
Any Suggestion how can we correct this close date so that its get mapped correctly an expected date as per csv??
Good morning,
I am new to salesforce. I have a project on student management system. I  have created a custom object (student__c) and updated all the information. While giving user roles and permissions, the custom object does not have any access to give roles or permissions.
Is there any provission with out copying the records from custom to standard object?
If I prepare new users, is signup necessary for newly created users to visualize the record data/ reports? 
Ans:  Text, Text Area, Text Area Long, Rich Text Area, URL. Is this is the right answer or is there something else????

13. Can we change the data type from Text to Auto Number for the Name when we already have?

Ans: I feel the answer is yes. If yes, please do let me know the explanation . If no, let me know the reason as well. Thanks guys. 


Can Body help me What are the static variables in salesforce..? give me some examples..