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How to fix ApexCRUDViolation for inner query. Below is the query.
proposal = [select Id, Name,(Select Id From PQConfig__Configurations__r) From Proposal__Proposal__c Where Proposal__Opportunity__c =:lead.ConvertedOpportunityId];
I tried the below one to fix the violation. Violation is fixed.
if(!Schema.sObjectType.Proposal__Proposal__c.isQueryable() && !Schema.sObjectType.PQConfig__Configurations__r.isAccessible()) {
     return null;
But, PQConfig__Configurations__r is not an object. Getting error while saving class in Salesforce. Please help me to fix the violation.

Thanks and Regards,
Diwakar G


Can we view Salesforce files logged in as Community guest user? I have a file related list under case I can view File related list when logged in as community user however prior to log in (as a guest user) I can see case but not file related list. Are files visible for a guest user? If yes how can I enable?