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Can you guys create your own website hosting service? That would be perfect to have the security of the website guaranteed by Salesforce so that when I embed Web-to-Case or Web-to-Lead on a custom created website like in my Youtube video that I could convince a business to use that for clients to enter information themselves. 

Web-to-Lead Salesforce (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtmAo8VeXzQ)
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Can you share some examples and best practices? Some Libraries and overall experience doing css animations in lightning components.
Hi all!

We use the app Invoice for Salesforce to do the "receivable" part of our accounting, and we do the rest (payables, bank conciliation, financial results, etc.) on Sage 50. We are now looking to integrate all in Salesforce.

What app would you suggest that can handle:
- Billing 
- Doing checks for payables
- Bank conciliation
- Doing all the accouting 
- One SF org for multiple financial entitites (we manage 6-7 clients with their own accounting in the same SF, but in their own Sage 50 entity)

The suggested solution doesn't have to be with Sage 50.

What are you suggesting?

What is the best project management application in Salesforce? How to get hands on it
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Hello Ever one i want generate QR Code through apex And VF So can You plz give some code.

Thanks in Advance
Hi All,
I'm new to Salesforce, and facing interviews on Salesforce QA Tester. Inerviewer asked me What are the challenges you have faced while testing in Salesforce and what are the defects you have come across?  Can anyone help me with this.

Thanks in Advance.

Is it possible to write MMORPG using SalesForce or PlayByEmail or any other game?

ClearRisk is currently seeking a Force.com Software Development Engineers to join our team. In this role you will be focusing on Force.com application development and product life-cycle management.

You will be responsible to plan, design, develop and test Force.com software systems and applications to provide enhancements to existing products and effectively use business requirements to develop new products.  You will work on problems of diverse scope where analysis of data requires evaluation of identifiable factors. You have demonstrated good judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions.

Job Requirements

Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent knowledge of VisualForce, Apex, page layouts, workflow rules, validation rules, triggers, Chatter, etc.
  • Experience with standards compliant XHTML/HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery front-end web development
  • Experience building rich Ajax user interfaces on Force.com using VisualForce.
  • Experience with API Integrations to other systems
  • Previous experience with .Net or Java development a plus
  • Good knowledge of Eclipse
  • Have worked on Saleforce.com instances with 100+ users
  • SQL/SOQL query language and related database experience is a plus.
  • Experience understanding and developing design documents from business requirements
  • Excellent analytical, mathematical, and creative problem-solving skills
  • Logical and efficient, with a keen attention to detail.
  • Ability to communicate ideas in both technical and user-friendly language.
  • Highly self-motivated and directed.
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.
  • Strong customer service orientation.
  • Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment

Experience: Requires a minimum of 3 years of experience working with Salesforce.com Force.com (VisualForce and Apex).

Education:  4 year degree within Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Management Information Systems or business administration or equivalent work experience.

Licenses or Certifications: Salesforce Certified Architect or Advanced Developer Preferred.

ClearRisk is a rapidly growing Canadian company that provides innovative software solutions to the Insurance Industry.  We use the latest technologies and business/pricing model to provide cloud-based, easy to use products with very high value and ROI.  We specialize in helping insurers, brokers and adjusters that have a mid market and program focus to automate their processes and increase their margins.

Please respond in confidence to careers@clearrisk.com by March 23rd, 2012

Rackspace has partnered with Akamai Technologies for leveraging their CDN for Cloud Files. These files can be managed with accelerated speeds via any control panel, API’s or through 3rd party software. Once the file is uploaded, an intelligent algorithm makes copies of your file on 3 different devices and 2 distinct locations of the datacenter. Each location of the datacenter uses different power and network connections so you know that your data is safe & secure.

Once a cloud file is uploaded by a user, a copy of that files is saved on a local server of that location so anytime the file is accessed, the access time is drastically reduced. With over 73,000 servers in 70 countries the Akamai CDN solution has proven to be faster and reliable than any comparable online storage provider like Amazon S3.

For users there is no change in how they would access the Akamai CDN except for faster download and upload speeds for your Cloud Files.

Akamai Technologies have some well known fortune 500 companies like Yahoo, Research in Motion, Dow Chemical Company, IBM Corp., General Motors, Sony Erricson in addition to the Department of Defense and Food & Drug Administration.


Cloud Drop is an affordable cloud storage Appexchange App by Mansas  sytems that leverages Rackspace Cloud.

For more details log on to www.mansasys.com

Email us at info@mansasys.com

I have a question concerning Salesforce and developing an LMS application through the Force.com API. I've seen a lot of instructions and tutorials on how to utilize Visualforce to create pages, applications as well as a way to extract the data within Salesforce and configure it with my own C# code through a console application or some kind of third-party application. But what I haven't seen is something where I can create C# functions and code and import it somehow into Salesforce so any application I develop can utilize the functions I create. Are there any good guidelines or resources towards trying to accomplish something like this?


I don't know if what I'm trying to do is clear, so I'll just be frank about what I'm looking for. I'm worried about the security of developing an LMS system purely with Javascript functions in addition to Visualforce, because some user could potentially rip the .js functions out of the application without needing the proper access or paying for it. Therefore, I'd feel more secure developing my LMS through a language I'm more comfortable with (C#) as opposed to a language I've rarely used (Javascript). However, I can't see anything concerning extracting the data in Salesforce and then using some C# code to display any pertinent information (such as a course) and then kicking the information back up to the Salesforce.com application. Or as an alternative, some type of way to import C# code into a Static Resource (I know you can import Javascript code through this, but no clue about C# at all) and then call the functionality within the Apex code. Those are the two approaches I've thought of but can't find any documentation showing if they would successfully work or not. If there's a third workaround I haven't thought of, please feel free to chime in.


Hope that's clear enough and thanks for your time. Any help would definitely be appreciated.


-- Matt Starn

Does anyone have a reccomendation for a Business Plan App?


Currently our sales reps are creating yearly business plans in word and excel. I would liketo get them embedded into salesforce.com. We currently utilize account plans and account strategies (from the app exchange) I would like a yearly plan that tied it all together, linked to a particular user and included text fields for written goals and focuses.


I have not found anything that meets this need as of yet, but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks.



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