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I wanted to take my Spring 17 Release Exam . But it is not available on the Webaccessor anymore. Even on the website it says the deadline is November 17. What should I do now?
I want to know about the preparation and skills required to clear the platform developer 2 certification in salesforce. I'm 2 years experienced in salesforce.

Thanks and Regards,
Shiva RV
Hi Expert,

Can you please suggest , how much questions will ask in Release examination of Admin and Developer-I . because my certification is near to expire.

So Please suggest.


Can any one please help me on this :

How many times we can reschedule a certification exam? Is there any limit or we can reschedule it many times?

Hi All, I just passed my ADM-201 and am looking to start studying for my next cert, I thought maybe I'd go for the Dev 401 but see that it's now split into two exams, Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I (SU16) & 2. Any advice? Also should I maybe isntead start training for the ADM-301? I have no hands on experience with Salesforce yet but will be starting soon. Any recomended study material for either Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I or ADM-301 would be apprecaited.
i'm very much confused about preparing 1st salesforce exam ( ADM-201). i need study material as well as guidance for exam.
Can you please help me out by answering these questions.
A company wants a recruiting app that models candidates and interviews; displays the total number of interviews on each candidate record; and defines security on interview records that is independent from the security on candidate records.What would a developer do to accomplish this task? 
Choose 2 answers.
A) Create a lookup relationship between the Candidate and Interview objects.
B) Create a trigger on the Interview object that updates a field on the Candidate object
C) Create a roll-up summary field on the Candidate object that counts Interview records.
D) Create a master-detail relationship between the Candidate and Interview objects.
Hoping the Ans as :A,B

2) In the Lightning Component framework, which resource can be used to fire events?ans: A,B
Choose 2 answers
Third-party Javascript code.
Javascript controller actions.
Visualforce controller actions.
Third-party web service code.

Hoping as Ans: A,B

3) What is a capability of formula fields? 
   Choose 3 answer 
A) Generate a link using the HIPERLINK function to a specific record in a legacy system
B) Determine if a datetime field has passed using the NOW function
C) Determine which of three different images to display using IF function
D) Return and display a field value from another object using the VLOOKUP function
E) Display the previous value for a field using the PRIORVALUE funtion

I think Ans: B,C,D

4)A developer wants to display all the available record types for a case Object. The developer also wants to display the picklist values for the Case.Status field. The Case Object and the Case.Status field are on a Custom Visualforce page.
Which action can the developer perform to get the record types and picklist values in the controller?
Choose 2 answers. 
Use Schema.PicklistEntry returned by Case.Status.getDescribe().getPicklistValues()
Use Schema.RecordTypeInfo returned by Case.sObjectType.getDescribe().getRecordTypeInfos()
Use SOQL to query Case records in the org to get all values for the Status picklist field
Use SOQL to query Case records in the org to get all the RecordType values available for Case 

I think Ans:A,B

5) A developer writes a SOQL query to find child records for a specific parent. Ans:5


How many levels can be returned in a single query?

A. 1
B. 7
C. 5
D. 3
Confused between option A and C.Please clarify these questions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Has anyone cleared Dev 401 certification recently ? I am planning to take summer 2015 exam. Have through force.com workbook and all available dumps online...somehow I am still little scared as I have heard the questions are been twisted and changed a lot unlike previous exams....can someone please share some sample questions with me from latest Dev 401 exam...
I need Some Dumps for Dev401 certification. Give some ideas to achieve it.





I want to get the "Salesforce.com Certified Administrator"(201) certificate. I have passed DEV 401 before. I want to know whether there have a document for this 201 exam.



I download the "SGCertifiedAdministrator.pdf" but this is only a simply introduction pdf file. Does salesforce have a detailed ducoment to help us pass the ADM 201 exam?



Thank you!

Hi,Iam planning to prepare for salesforce developer certification.

can any one help me and send the complete materials.

could anyone give me suggestions and guidance for how to prepare for this exam.

13) Will two different users get the same search results on searching for a common keyword?




Please explain me why the answer in this question is b. NO



Thanks in advance

hi all,


i want to self-study salesforce admin adm201 course and then get certified. i would like to know where can i get the study material, work-books, manuals, youtube videos, itunes etc, etc for sfdc adm201 course. i found that sfdc developer study material is available at the link given below but not for sfdc admin.




thanks all

  • August 22, 2012
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      I am planning to give admin certification in salesforce. Can anyone guide me as to how to go about the preparation,areas to focus upon, relevant study material(dumps) etc. Thanks in advance.

I've searched the forums for info and have tried cobbling together a solution for my needs, but it still doesn't work.   I'm developing a button that is trying to download all attachments for a case. 

The Apex page:

<apex:page standardController="Case" extensions="AllAttachmentsController">
  <h1>Download attachments for case: "{!Case.Id}" </h1>

And the controller method:

public String[] getAttNames() {
        Id caseid = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('Id');
        String[] attNames = new List<String>();
        String strURL;
        string session = UserInfo.getSessionId();        
        HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
        HttpResponse res;
        Http h = new Http();
        String strResult ;
        ATT=[SELECT Id, Name FROM Attachment WHERE parentId = :ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('Id')]; 
        integer j = ATT.size();
        for(integer i=0; i<j; i++) {                      
            strURL= 'https://' + ApexPages.currentPage().getHeaders().get('Host') 
                + '/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=' + ATT[i].Id;
            strURL = strURL.replace('visual', 'content');
            req.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/octet-stream');
            req.setHeader('Authorization', 'OAuth ' + session);
                    'attachment; filename=' + ATT[i].Name);                        
            req.setHeader('Host', ApexPages.currentPage().getHeaders().get('Host'));
            res = h.send(req);       
            //...Gotta do it again w/ the return URL...
            strURL =  res.getHeader('Location'); 
            System.debug('HTTP REDIRECT (' + session + '): ' + strURL ); 
            res = h.send(req); 
            strResult = res.getBody();              
            System.debug('HTTP Body:' + strResult );
        return attNames;


...But the debug log looks strange to me - in that the "moved" URL is exactly the same as the successful endpoint URL:

15:06:55.095 (95548000)|CALLOUT_REQUEST|[33]|System.HttpRequest[Endpoint=https://c.na4.content.force.com/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=00P60000008OlopEAC, Method=GET]
15:06:55.148 (148429000)|CALLOUT_RESPONSE|[33]|System.HttpResponse[Status=Found, StatusCode=302]
15:06:55.148 (148464000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_EXIT|[33]|System.Http.send(APEX_OBJECT)
15:06:55.148 (148500000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_ENTRY|[36]|System.HttpResponse.getHeader(String)
15:06:55.148 (148519000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_EXIT|[36]|System.HttpResponse.getHeader(String)
15:06:55.148 (148536000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_ENTRY|[38]|System.debug(ANY)
15:06:55.148 (148554000)|USER_DEBUG|[38]|DEBUG|HTTP REDIRECT (00D300000000iGb!AQsAQNINwJAlI9D_N1TCE5M438xHt_XNSHaTH2jSvkxiLqdhPh5PkIMvBZ.TnAKbNgXCFsdFQWkLRbcIPhP6DJFNdSYEdNyZ): https://na4.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=00P60000008OlopEAC
15:06:55.148 (148567000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_EXIT|[38]|System.debug(ANY)
15:06:55.148 (148583000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_ENTRY|[39]|System.HttpRequest.setEndpoint(String)
15:06:55.148 (148600000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_EXIT|[39]|System.HttpRequest.setEndpoint(String)
15:06:55.148 (148617000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_ENTRY|[40]|System.Http.send(APEX_OBJECT)
15:06:55.151 (151594000)|CALLOUT_REQUEST|[40]|System.HttpRequest[Endpoint=https://na4.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=00P60000008OlopEAC, Method=GET]
15:06:55.206 (206214000)|CALLOUT_RESPONSE|[40]|System.HttpResponse[Status=Found, StatusCode=302]
15:06:55.206 (206244000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_EXIT|[40]|System.Http.send(APEX_OBJECT)
15:06:55.206 (206282000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_ENTRY|[41]|System.HttpResponse.getBody()
15:06:55.206 (206293000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_EXIT|[41]|System.HttpResponse.getBody()
15:06:55.206 (206307000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_ENTRY|[42]|System.debug(ANY)
15:06:55.206 (206318000)|USER_DEBUG|[42]|DEBUG|HTTP Body:The URL has moved <a href="https://na4.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=00P60000008OlopEAC">here</a>


Any help is greatly appreciated.








<apex:page standardController="Case" extensions="AllAttachmentsController">
  <!-- Begin Default Content REMOVE THIS -->
  <h1>Download attachments for case: "{!Case.Id}" </h1>
  <!-- select  Id from Attachment Where parentId = "{!Case.Id}" !-->
  <!-- SELECT Name, Body From Attachment  WHERE Id = "{!This.Id}" !-->
  <!-- (dump  Body to browser in base64 encode format... !-->
  <!-- End Default Content REMOVE THIS -->
Does anybody know why sometimes the heap dumps tab and breakpoints are not available when running in a sandbox? Is there some switch I have to flip? Also, unrelated, but has anyone else been having css issues with the forums? I just get all images and text in a centered vertical column with no layout at all. I am running chromium on ubuntu 11.4. strange.

Hello All,


please send me the link or dumes on my email id dhirajmanpe@gmail.com





I want to do salesforce certification Dev 401 and DEV 501. We are partners of Salesforce, so can anybody tell me the exact price of the certification ?

Any pointers on these is highly appreciated.

Thank You,