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Hello.. I just need a help from you all,
I am integrating Salesforce with GST Portal (2 way connection) via Rest Integration. I am stuck with Public Key Encryption Method. 
If you have already worked on it , pls let me know. Your help means alot.
I'm trying to generate an access token and it generates fine when using the "form-data" option in post-man. However, we have a client who is only able to use x-www-form-urlencoded in their post request and using this method returns the below error:

    "error": "invalid_grant",
    "error_description": "authentication failure"

I am including the password and security token (concatanated) in the request and I cant figure out why it would work using form-data but not form-urlencoded

Any help greatly appreciated!

Hi Guys,
I need to add conditional statements in HTML email template. If the case Reason value is closed then decision value should be displayed else nothing should be displayed.
I tried the below statement but it's working only if I use standard field in the condition. (Reason is a picklist field)

{!IF(Case.Reason__c = "Closed", "Decision: " +decision__c, Null)}

Hi  Team,

Can you help me in understand what is a masterLabel in saleforce i  am having a custom metadata (Support_Tier__mdt)

I am creating a filed on account object i am trying to defalut value as Bronze but didn't undertand the usage of MasterLabel

Hi everyone,

I recently hid a custom button from Lightning and enabled it back again in the page layouts. But it does not show in Lightning, but works fine in Classic. What should I do it make it visible again?
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