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I'm looking for a solution that would occassionally update fields in Salesforce automatically by pulling data from external fields on social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn.

For instance, for each Account they have an associated Instagram account and there are 3 primary fields I'd want to update -- # of posts, # of followers, and # following (see below).

Are you aware of any Apps in the App Exchange or of some code that could build this out?
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Hi All,
plz see if neone can help me out...
i wanted to know if we want to expose ideas functionality thru sites to external users on internet, how to achieve it,....i saw starbucks idea site below



so by seeing the link it seems that it has been implemented thru Sites but when i tried to expose std Ideas page thru sites its asking for login ...........so i hv few questions:


1. how to expose std ideas thru sites?
2. do i need to develop user registration from scratch or it can be done using customer portal?
3. how much VF work is needed to develop a site like starbucks?
4. users should be able to see existing ideas and comments without login, if they want to post an idea or vote/comment on some idea then only they are required to login. so how to implement this?
if my questions are not clear, plz let me know...