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Hi Trailblazers,
I faced an issue while giving the salesforce admin exam on 14th Feb 2022. For some reason after 2 questions exam paused screen showed up. Currently trying to contact the support team but no one is available for me it has been more than 5-6 hours now. I am super frustrated with the system not sure if it happened to anybody else. The exam is still is in progress and I had to close it as no support came up during the exam. 
Please suggest what can we do in this case to resume?
how many times I can write the retake exam for app builder
I need latest dumps for salesforce platform-1 for winter 2020
  • December 20, 2019
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I want to develop a lightning component for collecting salesforce dumps so that selective people can use. So is it allowed or not?
I passed today below exams

1) Salesforce Data Architecture and management designer
2) Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer 
3) Platform Developer 1

Let me know if you need dumps for study . Please send me an email at wellwisher.zenith@gmail.com
Hello! I'm about to take the "Salesforce Platform Developer I" exam.
I'm looking for some updated dumps to practice on.
Does anyone know some of them?
Thank You! :)
Hi Everyone,

I need PD1 certification dumps,Please share who had completed recently for PD1 certification.

Thank you!!

Am looking for Salesforce PD1 SP19 dumps.
If anyone have.please let me know
Hello All,
Please suggest any good URL which can be referred to Practice 4 Superbadges before appearing for PD-II.

The last two exams i passed are
2nd last: Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder - Transition Exam (WI18)
last: Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder - Spring '18 Release Exam

I no more see any maintainance exam to register.
Can someone guide me how to pass the maintainence exam

Thank yoou in advace
  • October 23, 2018
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Hi All,
Have done trailhead now and looking for latest dumps to prepare for Admin and Dev certification.Please share if you have
Did not seem difficult at all, however got 18% and failed on it after a month of learning on trailhead getting up to 75 badges and 1 superbadge before taking the exam.
Things I noticed, before I took exam I watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIZk8cKOFHk&t=6613s the person teaching is teaching in classic while a lot of trailhead is in lightning. He did help me visualize a  few questions on the test I would've had no clue on.
Things I would recommend studying is going to every profiles, user, permission sets, validation rule, object and flow and look at what you can and cannot do, and the default settings.
In object such and such pick 2 of 4 things you can do. In this thing what is true?

I'm thinking about retaking it in a week, its a good test, just wasnt ready for that. Thought it would be more scenarios rather than 'what are your options, what is default settings, what went wrong, what things could have not been done right'. It will get you if you are a second guesser or overthinker because you have a lot of options, a lot of questions I noticed you have to pick 2 out of 4 choices, meaning 2 times to second guess yourself in 1 question.

Definitely not easy, but felt like I was closer to passing score of 65% or around there, I felt like I had small chance to pass before hitting the submit answers. I had feeling I did have a feeling I wasn't going to pass before I started the exam but I took it anyways because I kept seeing the message "FAILURE IS AN OPTION". So I'm not too upset I failed, but disappointed. 

I'd say my reason for failure was that I was having too much fun in trailhead rather than specifically studying for subjects relating to ADMIN exam. I had over 35 minutes left after answering questions and went back to check answers too for 20 minutes, which I felt good with, but all in all, 18%.

My 2 cents. Good luck to anyone taking it, also look at the flashcards, I didn't look at them but now thinking I would've passed it if I did http://www.sfdc99.com/2014/10/02/guide-to-passing-all-salesforce-certifications/

  • May 11, 2018
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Can anyone share the latest dumps to me thru redladinne2@gmail.com coz I intend to take the test this month, so it's kind of urgent plsss  ??
Thanks a lot,
Hi all,

I have given App builder transition exam 6 months back which I have passed successfully but now again I am getting mail from Salesforce to regive this exam as Salesforce Developer certification is getting discontinued soon. Should I give this exam again?
P.S. My App builder transition certificate got expired later as I was not able to give its maitaince exam.
Hi everyone,

I am completed the Multiple choice questions for Platform Developer 2 as well as the  super badges, can someone help me to understand how do I get the certificate.
Just failed my Admin 201 test. I'm so angry and frustrated. I took a ton of practice tests and did well on them. The actual test was nothing like the practice test. The actual test was ridiculously vague.  Anyway, does anyone know where I can find practice tests that are actually up-to-date? Any suggestions on how to study that doesn't cost a billion dollars? I'm just super frustrated and angry right now. Thanks for the help. 
Hi I would like to write Administrator Certification. Could you please help me to get the dumps for the exam. Thanks
Hi All,

I am planning to appear for "Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I" in next month, as this certificate is new so i am not getting any dumps from online blogs or sites.If any one have appear or have dumps please share with me .
You can email me at :  hemalipatel.patel@gmail.com