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What is the best practice to be able to give users the ability to create confidential opportunities that can only be viewed by users they choose

For the current user, how do you programmatically retrieve the FlexiPage layout (i.e. fields) for the default Opportunity record type?

What I've Tried
Since, the FlexiPage layout potentially depends on the user's profile and the app (e.g. Sales), my current approach is to retrieve the app's ActionOverride and ProfileActionOverride lists.

High Level Steps

  1. Get current user's profile: `SELECT FullName FROM Profile WHERE Id = '<profile_id>'`
  2. Get all Opportunity FlexiPages: `SELECT Id, DeveloperName FROM FlexiPage Where EntityDefinitionId = 'Opportunity'`
  3. Get Sales app Metadata: `SELECT Metadata FROM CustomApplication WHERE Label = 'Sales'`
  4. Check Sales app ActionOverride list from Metadata and see if there is a FlexiPage associated with Opportunity.
  5. Check Sales app ProfileActionOverride list from Metadata and see if there is a FlexiPage associated with Opportunity and user's profile.
  6. Get Opportunity FlexiPage from ActionOverride or ProfileActionOverride and retrieve FlexiPage layout.

Sometimes, the Sales app Metadata contains an empty list for ActionOverride and ProfileActionOverride. In this scenario, how do you retrieve the FlexiPage layout (i.e. fields) for the default Opportunity record type?

1. If I deploy a profile from autorabbit from dev to qa sandbox, will it deploy apex classes access, vf page access and other object settings in qa? Do i need to do anything manually in qa box again?

2. Is there a way to assign apex classes to a profile through data loader?
I'm looking through my event logs for calls to soon to be deprecated API versions. I have a list of calls and it shows the CONNECTED_APP_ID making these calls. How do I find the Connected App in my system that has that ID?
Hello All,

I'm setting up Embedded Services Chat. Is there a way to override the

parameters so that instead of text being displayed, an icon is displayed instead? For example, instead of 

we would have 

. I've looked in the documentation and don't see any parameters like this, so would we have to build a LWC to override the default 

All examples that I have seen so far show how to add a custom button/action on Leads List View. I am looking for a way to launch a flow from a custom buttom/action from Account List View.

The Flow is to create account and related contact records and it needs to happen only through a flow, as the customer wants point and click customization.

User-added image

So far, I have only been able to launch the flow from within a record- by adding the action on the account page layout. However, my requirement is to launch the flow from the Account List View itself and not requiring the user to first have to select any other record. I have also tried creating a VF page to launch the flow from.

The issue that I am running into is

1- I do NOT see 'List View' as an option when I navigate to 'Search Layouts' on the Account Object and the 'Default Layout' does not have the custom button that I created

User-added image

Default Layout- supports only buttons that create or update a record

User-added image

2- I do see 'List View' listed when I navigate TO 'Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic' on the Account Object, however, the button to launch flow still does not show up under custom buttons and the only buttons that show up are related to either creating/updating a record. Also, I am sure if seeing the button to launch a flow under Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic would do me any good as I am working in Lightning
User-added image
User-added image

Direction on how to proceed ahead is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
I have been looking at other posts for my questions on how Apex batch works when there is an Error. Somehow I am not able to clear my self. I have couple of questions. Can someone please clarify.

1. Assume a batch process has 3 iterations processing 200 records each. The batch process is doing an insert and I am using Database.Insert with AllorNone parameter set to False. Assume there was an error during the second iteration while processing 101 record.I understand that all the records in the first iteration will be committed and also the 100 records in the second iteration. My question is will the batch process continue to process other records in the second iteration and also the third iteration.

2. Assume all the 3 iterations (execute method) completed without any error but some error occured in the Finish method. Finish method just sends an email. How does this work, considering that I am using Database.Insert and AllorNone parameter set to False. My understanding is that all the records will be committed to the database but user will not be receiving email that the batch was successfull or not. I am confused how this scenario will work in the real time.
  • September 05, 2016
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My requirement is to create a field like "Related to" in this image.
Step1: Picklist with the Objects
Step2: On select of any one object, need to display all related records
Requirement to create a field like "Related to" field in this picture
Give me quick suggestion.

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I want to do salesforce certification Dev 401 and DEV 501. We are partners of Salesforce, so can anybody tell me the exact price of the certification ?

Any pointers on these is highly appreciated.

Thank You,