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We have implemented a live chat on the company website but we are getting the below error.

We are getting the below error. Please check and share the root cause for this.  this.pingScript = document.body.appendChild(a);              this.pingTimeoutTimer = window.setTimeout(function() {                  this.onError("Server failed to respond.") 

thanks in advance
Hi all,

I need to migrate files from one org to another, and I tried following the guide here: https://www.stimulusconsulting.co.uk/news/salesforce-data-migration/. When I used the Data Export, I made sure to check the checkbox ‘Include Salesforce Files and Salesforce CRM Content document version’, and I got all of the Files in many ContentVersion folders as expected.

However, I did not see a ContentVersion.csv or a ContentDocumentLink.csv so I can't get my files into the new org. I've gone back to schedule another Export, and noticed that the object list has objects for ContentVersion and ContentDocumentLink. I did not check the boxes to export either of those last time. I have now checked both of those checkboxes, along with the checkboxes for a couple of other custom objects I need. I believe this will give me the files I need, as described in the link I posted.

I just want to be sure I've set this correctly, as I can only take a Data Export once a week. If I mess this up again, I have to wait yet another week before I can try again. Can anyone confirm that this is right way set up the export? I've attached a screenshot of the setup  below.

New Setup

Hello Salesforce Experts,


Anyone please let me know how to write valition rule for URL ?

Else someone please provide regular expression string for URL ?