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Good Morning, 

I am trying to write a row level formula into a report, but am having issues with a multiselect picklist. Can you please tell me how to correct this formula error. 

Essentially I want to add up Direct Consulting Value, Direct Prof Services Values, and Direct MSP Value if Growth Initiative (multiselect picklist) equals Elevate. 

Here is what I have so far:
IF(ISPICKVAL(Opportunity.Growth_Initiatives__c, "Elevate"),Opportunity.Direct_Consulting_Value__c+Opportunity.Direct_Prof_Services_Value__c+Opportunity.Direct_MSP_Value__c)

Getting the error:
Error when encoding row level formula: Field Opportunity.Growth_Initiatives__c is a multiselect picklist field. Multi Select pick list fields are only supported in certain functions. 

Thank you for any help provided!
Tyler Griffin

if x(text) field is filled out then Y(picklist) field should also be filled,can someone help me with the validation rule?
I have a Text Field (Cost Group) and Discount Field (Discount). I am using a record triggered flow . I need to process the cost group values to extract only the numbers and update to the Discount fields.

Examples of Cost group field values: Air 20, AIR/HUG80, ZM 60%
How can I use this logic in the record triggered flow without using any apex classes.




I am following the book "Developement with the Force.com platform" by JasonOuelette.

When creating the Custom Objects, I did not check the box to be visible in a tab, and so I could not add this object to the Custom App I was creating. Now I have a created fields and relationships in the custom object. How do I add this Object to the Custom App?




  • September 27, 2010
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