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I am developing a Visual force page for endering a pdf file, with the VF page i want to put in IF Condition, but am facing couple of problem. i would like to check the oppty line item value to diplay the total price


My If statement is;

<apex:OutputField value="{!IF((!line.Bill__c="VC"),{!line.TotalPrice},null)}"/>


My table code is

<apex:repeat value="{!Opportunity.OpportunityLineItems}" var="line">
             <td><apex:OutputField value="{!line.UnitPrice}"/></td>
             <td><apex:OutputField value="{!IF((!line.Bill__c="VC"),{!line.TotalPrice},null)}"/></td>
             <td><apex:OutputField value="{!IF((!line.Bill__c="FC"),{!line.TotalPrice},null)}"/></td>



Please let me know how to fix this issue.

Hi. I'm taking some tables in a .doc and putting them in a custom object.

It seems to me that the best way to do that is use a logical naming convention for each field that represents a cell.

Here's an example:

The table in my .doc is called "Doors." And the column headers are "Name," "Area," "Type," and "Location."

So, I'm calling the first set of fields, which correspond to the first row in the table, the following:

"Door Name," "Door Area," "Door Type," "Door Location"

And the second set of fields, which correspond to the second row in the table . . .

"Door Name 2," "Door Area 2," "Door Type 2," "Door Location 2"

. . . and so on for however many rows are in the table.

Is there a more elegant way to do this? Obviously, each field has to have a unique name or you would have no idea what you're doing when you run a report. But I thought I'd run it by this thundering herd.

Thanks for any feedback.

  • November 11, 2008
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