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I have to create a lead record, with the values getting in the email body.
Email body has defined template like as below

Dear Team,

The following has been generated : oerdfY

Customer Name : abc xyz

Email address : abcxyz@gmail.com

Phone number : +12345678910

Date of birth : 1985- 04-11

You can review this further on : www.salesforce.com/oerdfY (Hyperlink)

From the above I need to get the customer name , phone number, Email address and DOB and should be mapped to lead as below

Lead.firstName = ABC
Lead.LastName = xyz
Lead. Phone  = 12345678910
Lead.EmailAddress = abcxyz@gmail.com
Lead.dateofbirth = 1985- 04-11

Lead should be inserted.

Only challenge i am seeing here, how to get the customer name, phone number,Email address, DOB from email Body since all are coming as single string, 

how can i acheive this? Please help here

Thank you

Hello Friends,
I have this  below code.
<apex:page standardController="Account">
    {! Account.Name }
    {! Account.Phone}
I can comment the code by standard way (" <!-- This is commented part --> ") which I can do with few clicks.

Is there a way using the keyboard shortcut to do so? MS Visual Studio has it. May be the Eclipse too, although not sure.

Please help, thanks!