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I want to share my Scratch Org to another User in a different location and different IP (in the US with different IP address).
I can generate a username and password and share them but it would ask for a verification code when he tries to login. I don't want that (verification code part) to happen.

So is there is a way (or some steps which could be followed) where I can generate a link and send it to him on which he could just click and open my scratch org.

I have a formula field (Avg__c) that calculates the average of 4 custom fields (Base_Q1__c, Base_Q2__c, etc....) .

(IF(ISNULL(Base_Q1__c),Null,Base_Q1__c) + IF(ISNULL(Base_Q2__c),Null,Base_Q2__c)+IF(ISNULL(Base_Q3__c),Null,Base_Q3__c) +IF(ISNULL(Base_Q4__c),Null,Base_Q4__c))
(IF(ISNULL(Base_Q1__c),Null,1) + IF(ISNULL(Base_Q2__c),Null,1)+IF(ISNULL(Base_Q3__c),Null,1) + IF(ISNULL(Base_Q4__c),Null,1)
The problem is that I'm trying to establish a “running average” but it only calculates the average if all 4 custom fields (Base_Q1__c...) contain a value. If one of the 4 fields are blank, then the formula field will not calcuate anything.  I need it to calculate the average no matter how value are displayed or blank. 

WITH ALL 4 VALUES - AVG Calculates:
User-added image

WITHOUT ALL 4 VALUES - No AVG Calculation:
User-added image
Please help!!!