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Hi All, i am trying to write one condition to open Data Import wizard if opportunity is not closed lost. also to throw a message if opportunity is closed lost, but its not working. can you please have a look.

{! IF(Opportunity.StageName != "Closed Lost", "/lightning/setup/DataManagementDataImporter/home", "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX) }  

also i am trying   below one

if({!Opportunity.StageName=="Closed Lost"}){
    alert("Opportunity is Closed Lost, Learner Can not be uploaded");
    window.top.location.href =

its not working . 



I do have a doubt regarding Salesforce.com.


Can we develope Games in the Salesforce.com platform?

  • August 07, 2013
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I am following the book "Developement with the Force.com platform" by JasonOuelette.

When creating the Custom Objects, I did not check the box to be visible in a tab, and so I could not add this object to the Custom App I was creating. Now I have a created fields and relationships in the custom object. How do I add this Object to the Custom App?




  • September 27, 2010
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