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Is there a way to have your developer edition reset to either:

a) its original state upon sign-up; or

b) no sample data at all populated?


Just did a few quick searchs on Feedster and Technorati, but didn't see anything interesting....

-- Mark

Anyone have any working examples of the API using Applescript on OS X?

I'm starting from scratch, and I'm supposed to create a web interface where customer can enter their enquiries and then it should automatically create a new case in salesforce. I thought about doing that by a HTML-Form which sends data to a php script which is going to insert the data into salesforce. Is it possible that way? Am I going right? What do I need to send SOAP requests by php? Do I need that 'Axis' plugin running on my webserver?
Thank you very much for answers!
I am using Excel SForce Connector, which is a great tool when compared to what you can't do in SalesForce without it, but what I really need is an SForce Connector for Microsoft Access that would let me bring data down into Access tables directly, and to update SalesForce from Access. 


Why do I need this?  I'm doing a lot of prospecting work to find contact names and addresses for a specific group of opportunities (we sell advertising in "guides" and companies with products related to the topic of a guide are our prospects) and then postal mailing them an advertising media kit.


To do this I query SalesForce for opportunities, accounts, and contacts. I do my research in Excel and then add or update the information I find about accounts and contacts back into SalesForce.  Then I copy all that information into Access and create a join so I can print letters and labels using my Dymo label printer.  (As far as I know I can't do this latter in SalesForce because:

    • SalesForce won't let me create a report with two joins (grrr), and

    • SalesForce doesn't support my Dymo label printer

    So a Microsoft Access SForce Connector would be a godsend, but it would have to work with Professional Edition.  SalesForce, you've already got 80% of the work done in the Excel Connector; any chance of creating a Microsoft Access SForce Connector?

    Just thought I would post this here... no I'm not from the Open Access but we're looking into this ODBC to Salesforce driver....

    Until the new year, the OpenAccess ODBC driver for Salesforce is available for the low price of $99 dollars per year. Please visit http://www.openaccesssoftware.com/products/openrda/sfpricing.asp for more information and to sign up for the annual program.

    Please visit http://www.OpenAccessSoftware.com/products/openrda/Salesforce_overview.asp to learn more about the OpenAccess ODBC Driver for Salesforce.
    Use this thread to shamelessly promote you personal blog site.

    Message Edited by DevAngel on 04-22-2005 03:31 PM

    My company has recently started using SalesForce Explorer. However, users cannot log into the system as they have been denied proxy access. The nearest solution I can find to this problem is in this copy/paste of another post

    "There really isn't any "documentation" for the sforce explorer. I think a brief readme file would be useful though.
    As to the proxy question, the proxy settings that are built into the explorer don't include authenticated proxy. The client id field you referred to is an Id that is issued to Partners and has nothing to do with proxy.
    What you will need to do is crack open the source and modify the section of code that sets up the proxy and provide authentication info.
    To use the proxy, you enter the proxy settings in the options dialog and then from the Tools menu enable the proxy settings by choosing the Use Proxy menu item.
    The original purpose of the proxy is to allow the tracing and capturing of Soap message with a 3rd party tools, but you should definitely be able to modify for proxy server use".

    This "solution" is all well and good, but I am not a developer. I suppose that we could open the ports on our proxy server, but I can find any documentation on SalesForces Explorer detailing the finer points of the software.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Let's say I want to create a custom object called Quote and related list that will appear in the Opportunity tab.  New Quotes will be created via a weblink to a custom web app; that app in turn writes to the Quote object via the API. 

    Is it possible to configure something to remove the New button displayed above the related list?  This would enable us to leverage this related list as reference data (like Stage History), but not directly edit data in the custom object from within salesforce.



    • February 02, 2005
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    Just did a few quick searchs on Feedster and Technorati, but didn't see anything interesting....

    -- Mark

    Toward the end of last year, there was a download off the SF website for an Excel add-in for SF reports. I don't think it's the open source one mentioned here.

    I installed it and it provides a dropdown menu that enables SF login, Report selection, Report refreshing, etc.

    It is listed as the salesforce.com Excel Add-In version

    It is pretty nice. The report list returns fast, something that the report list workaround mentioned in the forum does not provide.  I'm curious how this is accomplished with the Excel Add-In if the API is not exposing SF reports.

    Also, I can no longer find reference to this Excel Add-In on the website and the Help menu items lead to an unkwown page on the SF website.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. The current workaround for listing reports can be slow if you have a large number of reports.


    Anyone have any working examples of the API using Applescript on OS X?