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all of a sudden, after years of running fine, and definitely after the last code change, we are getting the infamous


Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [HTTP] Could not connect to host


php error log says: curl_exec error 7 couldn't connect to host


message. We are using PHP toolkit 13.1 and we really, really didn't change anything in our code.

Nor did we switch servers.Some old posts here suggest  We tested with some really simple select queries, and it still doesn't work.

Some old posts here suggest that this happened to people (connection working on and off) in the distant past.

Can this still happen? Or did anything change in the API?






I want to get records created in last 24 hours in Apex SoQL query like


'Select Id, name, recordtypeid from Opportunity where createddate = LAST 24 Hours'. How can I do that?

I can get it using system.now() - 1 but SoQL query does not support returned datetime format.



- Kunjan

My question relates to aes 256 bit encryption in browser post. I want to integrate an intranet application with salesforce and want the data transfer between them should be aes 256 bit encrypted so that the client gets utmost security. Can anyone give me ideas as to how it can be implemented? the integration b/w them will also be through SSO. i want the data transfer between the salesforce and application shud be browser post with aes 256 bit encryption.
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  • February 08, 2010
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