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is there a way to get SIEM events and data in real time from the REST API? Which endpoints might I want to make use of? what sort of queries would I use? I tried to query EventLogFile but it says it is not supported.
The link to the Trust & Influence pack on this page is broken:
I see the Force.com IDE Code Share works with "most standards-based source control management systems including CVS, Subversion and Google Code". Can it work with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)?
Has anyone out there integrated salesforce.com, and their "bug tracking and QA app" on the appexchange, into a mainstream QA tool, like Mercury Quality Center?
I have a customer who has salesforce.com PE, and I is importing order information, including fedex tracking numbers, from their ERP into salesforce.com.
They need a way to notify the customer of the fedex tracking number by email.
I thought I might be able to import these orders as cases, and take advantage of the "Send notification email to contact" functionality to get that information out to the contact.
However, even though I have been able to set the checkbox for contact notification to defaul to "checked", I have not been able to get the email to fire.
Any suggestions?
The link to the Trust & Influence pack on this page is broken:
is there a way to get SIEM events and data in real time from the REST API? Which endpoints might I want to make use of? what sort of queries would I use? I tried to query EventLogFile but it says it is not supported.
Hi Everyone,

I want to migrate all Salesforce data to Amazon RDS, does anyone know how I can achieve this? I know in recent release Salesforce talked about the connectors: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/spring18/release-notes/rn_bi_integrate_connectors2.htm
However, anyone knows what the steps to do this are? I have no idea about Amazon RDS, where can I get these connectors? If anyone can help me like how to start at least, it will be very helpful. Thanks in advance. 

  • April 08, 2018
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I have my org hitting close to 60 Gb of data out of 15 Gb . We have around 4,573,496 emails which is increasing day by day.
What is the best way to archive the emails , attachments(both are on cases) and files (its on account). Any faster and easier approach would be appreciated.
Though I want to access them regularly , its should not be exactly present in Salesforce.
DO we have any App that would suffice this need.

Hi Everybody,
     Can anyone tell me the life cycle of salesforce objects(Mentioned below.. especialy the objects in Bold) and  where its starts  and Where its ends with sample example
Campaign,Lead,Account,Contact,Opportunity,Product,Quotes,orders,Contract,cases and solution..
please help!


I'm using Talend OpenStudio for Data Integration to integrate Salesforce and trying to insert a new record in Contacts (just one column to start with, i.e; Name) and getting following Error Message:


Unable to create/update fields: CreatedById, CreatedDate, IsDeleted. Please check the security settings of this field and verify that it is read/write for your profile or permission set.


Please let me know what is going wrong???

I have had the audit fields (created by, created dates, last modified by, etc) opened by sfdc, and need to see if there is a way to populate these via an update rather than an insert. Through the data loader, they are only available via insert. Is this a data loader limitation or a salesforce limitation? We also have DB Amp, and do not have access on an update either. Anyway around this?

Hi, we have SAML SSO set up against our SAML/AD user store, and now want to create a scheduled process that adds/updates users from our AD directory into salesforce using batch files. We need a way to link SF users with our AD users, and seems the best candidate field is SAML Federation ID which we are already populating to make SSO work. However, we can't configure this built-in field to be external id enabled. Is there a work-around to this?





We have a requirement to send attachments to a FTP server from our Prod org. I was reading about many app exchange apps like FTP attachments. As I understand, it can be used to attach files and store it on our storage server. But our requirement is send existing attachments to our FTP server. We want to have this process scheduled too like every 5 mins.


Please help me if we have any app which can do it or Can I do any customization in our org to achieve this. For example, we have HTTP commands in salesforce, on the similar lines Do we have for FTP?



I have a force.com Free app where my Free license users can access the objects standard pages, create, edit as they should. However I created a custom controller and Visualforce form page that they can see all of the correct data that they should have, but the save button doesn't actually perform the action. That profile has security access to the class and the page. It isn't throwing an error, it is just doing nothing. My system admin user works just fine and handles the data correctly, so I'm guessing it is something wrong in a security setting, only I don't know what it is because those Free users have permission on the object (and they can save via the standard object page), the class and the page. 


On the button, the action calls my Custom Controller that grabs all of the records in the form, loops over them and then saves. It isn't throwing an error, it acts like it submits the page, but nothing happens. The values remain in the fields as they were typed. And debugging appears like that save action on the button never takes place.

  • April 20, 2011
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For selected fields I want to save the enum display type in custom settings. Its a long story but for performance reasons I don't want to requery the underyling schema for these fields every time.


A conservative approach to saving an enum would be to save it's string value. Unfortunately unlike Java, APEX doesn't appear to offer a enum.valueOf(s) type method letting me de-reference the string parameter.
I could save the ordinal. Happily, I can easily convert ordinal back to the enum via enum.values()[ordinalNumber]
The latter approach minimizes the custom settings field size and should be fast.
Here's the thing... is it safe? If Salesforce engineering inadvertantly changes the order of enum values I'm in trouble. That said, absent the ability to easily do this another way, I would hope that Saleforce engineering is careful to view the enum value order as part of the API contract - and not change the order from release to release. Is that a safe assumption? 


I would like our users to be able some objects and relationships in an
expandable  tree based form. Can anyone suggest the best way to do this, e.g.
S-Control, VisualForce, Ajax?


I keep getting an error message at step 7 of the instructions which reads: Apex Toolkit for Eclipse ( requires plug-in "org.eclipse.wst.sse.core".

I was able to download an update for Eclipse that contained this plugin, and added it from the zip file in my download folder to the plugins folder where Eclipse has been installed, but it's still not reading it, even after restarting Eclipse.

The Toolkit is unsupported by Salesforce, so I may be SOL, but any help from you folks would be great.

By the way, I only have access to the Callisto site, not Europa (or at least it doesn't appear as a selection).


Our organization uses the case comments field to work cases. The Last Modified Date is only changed when portions of the "header" are updated. Therefore we can not use some of the workflow/escalation rules because we havent updated that data - only case comments. It was suggested to create an s-control in order to update the Last Modified Date with the date of the last comment entered. Can anyone help me or advise?
  • July 26, 2007
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I've created in the account page layout a custom lookup field related to a custom object.
I have to import this field for a lot of account, but the SForce DataLoader don't show the custom lookup field I've created, and I cannot import and export the values of this field through it.
Is there another way to do a massive import of custom lookup field?
Thanks a lot
  • May 19, 2006
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Hi, it looks like Lookups aren't available out of the box - is this really right?  We'd really like to have a custom field on the Lead record called Campaign Source, which would be a lookup where you could choose which campaign the contact should be associated with (and this could also be autopopulated via import).  Similarly for Opportunity, Contact, and/or Account. 

What is the best way to get this done?  Thanks!


We have built Live Agent for one of our client.We want to customise the chat end messgaes.

Eg:- If the visitor ends the chat,Message will be "Chat ended by Visitor".Asssuming visitor name as Bob,we want to customise as "Chat needed by Bob"

Eg:- If the Agent ends the chat,Message will be "Chat ended by Agent".Asssuming Agent name as Maria,we want to customise as "Chat needed by Maria"
Is it possible with standard live agent functionality? If No,what is the alternative approach to achieve the requirement?

Thanks & Regards,
Harsha BR