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Hello Im trying to find a viable and workable link to the Professional Edition and I cant find one that works. Can someone direct me to one or show me how to mod the Enterprise edition in any way so it works with PE, because as is it doesnt. Thank you
Is there a way to delete something from the Opportunity History table? I'm not having any success. Here's what I did.
I queried the Opportunity History table by Opportunity ID. I wanted to clean up some incorrect entries in the history ex. someone put in a wrong close date and then corrected it, so I wanted to delete the instance of the wrong close date. I highlighted the row that contained the opportunity History ID of the wrong close date and selected Delete Object from the SFconnector menu. I got an error message.
Error generated by request: One of the records in the batch call resulted in an error.Examine the records to determine which ones failed. Exception Code 5102.
There was no indication on the record as to why it failed.
What should I do differently?
  • September 06, 2006
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I get the following error when querying tables using the Excel Connector's Query Wizard:
Error Generated by Request::
SELECT Account_ID__c, Name, Account_ID__c FROM Account
ERROR at Row:1:Column:29
duplicate field selected: Account_ID__c
ExceptionCode : 5077                    
A previous user had mentioned this same problem in a post that's now in Kingsley's post "Welcome & Earlier Discussions" but I could not find a solution posted.

I see that there is a duplicate field in the SELECT clause, but don't know why this is happening. Did I do something strange in configuring my sf tables? I assume this doesn't happen to most users or this would have been discussed more.

I did find a workaround, but if this is a symptom of another problem, or if there is a way to make the tool work as expected the first time, I'd love to hear! Thanks.

Although you'll get the above error at first, when the wizard closes, your spreadsheet will list all of the columns. Delete the columns that contain the duplicate fields (eg: Account_ID) and then use the Query Table Data function from the "sforce Connector" floating toolbar to re-run the query.

  • September 05, 2006
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I originally posted this on the VB and Office list but received no response.  Did not know this forum was here....
I am having no luck inserting Tasks via the Excel Connector.  Can someone advise if it is just not possible?
I have a professional Account and have successfully used Excel Connector for a lot tables but cannot get it to work on tasks.  I literally queried the table, cut and pasted an actual task, changed the date, and put new in the ID field and attempted an insert.  I always get this error:
Salesforce Create()
invalid range, missing data type,  or other error,
Type is: Task
The current field definition for "CreatedById" requires a value to be set
Things I have tried:
User the actual UserRecordID data in place of just the Alias
Removing the Account ID data
Changing the default "Created By ID" to the referenced "CreatedByID"
And just about every other permutation of variables associated with the created by id field.
HELP!  Am I just barking up the wrong tree - is it not possible?
Thanks for any help!
  • August 21, 2006
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Why the excel connector for PE is password protected? Does anyone knows if this code is available for changing?
Any suggestion or comment on this will be appreciated.
Hi All,

I wanted to pull some contacts and thier accounts using Excel connector. Can some body guide me on how I achive this.


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