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Welcome to the new Schema Development discussion board.  Post all of your questions, comments and discussions about data modeling in Database.com, Force.com and CRM here. 


Shawna Wolverton

Director, Product Management, Custom Schema

When i try to signup for database.com I keep getting a message that the request was denied and a Salesforce person will contact me shortly. that never happens of course so I emailed support and this is what they said:


We recently made a change to the way we offer developer support to our customers and are sorry for the impact this may be having on you. We now provide developer support only to our premier customers and partners. If you have a developer support question, are looking for technical documentation, best practices, code samples and other ways to speed your development time, we have great resources that you can leverage within the developer community at http://developer.force.com


That helped me none so i am coming here. Does anyone know how to signup for a database.com account? I just want to set up my own little database to test it out and learn.




      We have developed a custom application in EE Sandbox. Now, we have to deploy it for QA. For this, we  want to develop a Package. But, now how to create a managed package in EE where as unmanaged  package creations are available in EE Sandbox. So, pls give me suggestion how to develop a managed package which is flexible for updateable.






I'm new and looking for guidelines on patterns and best pratices for extending the schema to fit the needs of an App to evenually be hosted in the AppeXchange.


When do you use an existign defualt scema object, when do you extend one bu adding a custom field or create a new entity with a 1:1 mappig with an existing entity in the defualt schema ?

Hello!  So first thing first, I guess this is a basic question but:

How can I access the graphical Schema Builder shown in database.com videos ?   I can't find it.  Is it available in the free version ?


Thanks in advance ! 

  • September 01, 2011
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Hello Friends,

This might seem a weird requirement, but I am kinda bugged big time:(

I have to enter the transaltions for a large no of labels/custom fields/picklists values into the translation workbench. As of now I am entering them manually, one at a time, from the UI.

Obviously, this would take me ages to complete the task as i would have 100's of values to enter. So, i tried looking for a bulk upload option using the data loader, but could'nt find any!

Does anyone know of any way, I could acheive this bulk upload? Would save my life for sure :D

Many Thanks,