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I've created a vf page, created a home page custom link, and overridden my tab w/ the vf splash page, but my buttons do nothing.


How do you create a method for "continue" and "Do not show this message again"? 


<apex:page title="About Lead Scoring"> <apex:sectionHeader /> Hi - I'm an about page <apex:form id="theForm" title="form"> <apex:pageBlock > <apex:pageBlockButtons > <apex:commandButton value="Continue" action="{!continue}"/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <apex:commandButton value="Don't Show Me This Again" action="{!????}"/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </apex:pageBlockButtons> </apex:pageBlock> </apex:form></apex:page>



The help isn't very helpful.   I might just give up on the tab so PE users can still use the app despite the tab limits.

I have beed trying to develop a couple of triggers using eclipse but when I try to save it on the server is not letting me. This is a production org. So I have to create test classes. My problem comes when trying to run the test class on eclipse. How do I do that?