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I'm testing enterprise Edition of Salesforce to try to manage some of the data from salesforce externally from our web site.

I have done step by step everything explained in the "Using sforce with PHP".

My web hosting provider don't have installed SOAP and they aren't going to install it, so my next option was to install an Apache, PHP, and everything on my own computer and make it work as an internet server.

After installing every file of the PHP example and execute it I introduce the "username" and "password" in the login.php form and I obtain the next result:

Error: curl_exec error 60 SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert

I have reinstalled PHP, but the error it's still the same. (I saw over the board that some person had the same error, but the "solution" was to reinstall, and please note that I'm running my own server on a LAN, so maybe my problem it's different)

What is happening? Any solution? What I'm doing wrong?

the example files are from: sforce.sourceforge.net

Best Regards,


  • February 27, 2004
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