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My project is currently in that analysis phase of building a PeopleSoft system.  There is another project within the company to deploy SFDC (which should go live sometime in the next few weeks).  One of our requirements is that our sales people be able to log in to SFDC then essentially click on a link that takes them to the PeopleSoft application (it in turn generates a quote for the sales person).  We donâ¬?t want the user to have to re-log in to the PeopleSoft application.  Is there any way to accomplish this?  Or an easy and secure way to pass the SFDC credentials to the PeopleSoft application?  Does SFDC support any single sing on applications such as RSA ClearTrust, RSA Federated Identity Manager, IBM's Tivoli Access Manager WebSEAL, Entrust GetAccess, or Netegrity SiteMinder?


If anyone has done something similar to what I�m describing I�d love to hear how you handled this problem.





Is there any way to specify the record type for a lead input into the system via the Web-To-Lead process? I imagine it could be done using a hidden input field on the form but I don't know what name to provide for the field.

E.J. Wilburn
  • July 08, 2005
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