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In the URL https://na1.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX do the 15-digit file ID's remain constant for files (Sforce control files for example) that have been uploaded?  I need be able to reference another file from within the Sforce control.

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I dont seem to have got anywhere near installing a s-control made in .NET on SF.com.
Can anyone kindly guide me on this one or some link which contains a document explaining the same.
I have made a sForce control in C# using the .NET API.
How do I upload this control on my client's developer site?
It seems that only Javascript / Html Code can be uploaded(copied and pasted).
i am using sforce 6.0 api.
i have to use partner.wsdl for my application .
how can i add custom fields to account and lead using partner.wsdl
  • October 20, 2005
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I mean, I have been searching the past couple days I have yet to find any real useful VB.net information. All the good info is in C#.  All I need to be able to do is Query then Insert into a local database. It does sound fairly easy, however I cannot find any good info on this. All the samples are writtein in C# on here. Please help.




I was wondering what is the easiest way to transfer Query results to a datagrid then from there I will eventually be transfering to a datawarehouse.

thanks, chris

Good Day!

Does anybody know how to delete a user in a Salesforce Account? Or is it possible?

I know that you can activate and deactivate a user but what I'm looking for is to actually delete a user from my organization.

I'm using a dev account by the way

Thanks in advance

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